optimize your PPC Landing Page
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Effective online marketing campaigns bank on optimised landing pages very importantly; ppc landing pages campaigns should be given the utmost importance if you wish to streamline the buying process for very high conversions. This is increasingly becoming significant now with the dominance of smart phones. How should one optimize the landing pages to make the best out of them?

  • If you are looking for straight conversions then there’s no need to drag the customer; just bring them straight from your ad to the specific landing page matching the search query. Taking people to your site homepage may impress a casual searcher but not all who look for the specific ‘want’ right way!
  • Every landing page should clearly state what to do next. Since your primary goal is high conversions, you should have a neat plan drafted for the same; you may lead people to multiple pages from your landing page but make it straight, simple, streamlined and strong with the perfect landing page message! Prominent call to action buttons are a must!
  • Headlines, titles and sub titles should be impressive enough and totally relevant to the search term used by the searcher. The searcher should get, what your landing page is trying to say, in a few minutes.
  • What font goes into CTA buttons, what CTA buttons read and the colour and size of the CTA buttons in landing pages are extremely influencing the searcher decision to proceed further. Don’t lose your conversion by not being perfect here. Place the order now, go for it right now are sample texts on a few powerful CTAs
  • Landing pages should look clean and neat; cluttering of too much or irrelevant detail or data dumping is going to be extremely detrimental. What your ppc ad states and what’s in the landing page should perfectly match; content should be crisp to the point. If you see high bouncing rates due to whatsoever reason, it goes without saying you will need to redesign your landing pages to suit the ad. Stay on your unique selling proposition!
  • With mobile phones and tablets becoming the prime object for browsing and shopping these days, it’s going to be ignorant of you if you miss to optimise landing pages for smart devices. Make sure the CTA is perfect on smart devices. Run multiple tests on different devices and various browsers to be sure; tools are plenty.
  • Not more than 3 seconds any user waits for a page to load; make sure your landing pages get displayed within this time duration. You may take a look at tools which assist you to diagnose the speed and also provide you a few suggestions for enhancement.
  • Every step in conversion should stay consistent with the message conveyed in the ppc ad. Make sure of this, to avoid any confusion and conversion loss.
  • High resolution images are known to attract people to a high extent. Ensure to include only relevant media files on the landing pages.
  • Establish a high level of credibility so the person who just clicked on your ad casually would really go on to give you some profit! State statistical proof where possible, include guarantee warranty information as appropriate, display your privacy policy or a link to it and use fresh snippets where required. Snippets are those extra information a website owner displays specially for search engines to understand what the site or page is for; they also are eye catchy to the searchers on SERPs.
    Google Search

    The amazon ad above with a five star rating and reviews shown is an example of a snippet. Doesn’t it attract it though it falls third in the page?!

  • Optimise every single element in the whole journey to ensure perfect user experience! SEO of landing pages is absolutely necessary!
  • Social media integration is necessary for users to share details of your site, share on their great experience had with you, and simply spread about you on web!

We believe that’s a good amount of information on what to build in a landing page, so it stands at its best to pull people towards you and conversions. Do you need support in designing such a wonder landing page or would like to talk to us on any specific aspect of the design? Do contact us right now!