7 Fair Reasons to choose Magento

Developers and merchants have been attracted a lot to Magento ever since its birth in ecommerce for online stores. Modularity is one that entices the developers and the huge number of features brings the merchants close to the platform. Efforts have been taken to list down the top reasons to choose magento among the lots or to mention those features of magento that makes it the best ecommerce platform or the best among the ecommerce portals; Continue to read to know on them,

  1. Freedom in host selection: Magento is very well-known for the freedom it provides to choose the hosting service, to connect the 3rd party systems like payment gateway, cart, shipping, tracking and so, and to experience the best of the estore across the top devices in the market. Magento being modular is the most attractive feature requiring a mention here!
  2. Scalability & SEO friendliness: An estore of any size can be easily created with Magento; expansion is easy too. Enterprise edition with PCT security seal ensures absolute security of data. SEO friendly features and HTML5 capabilities making Magento smart phone friendly are definitely a great gift to the businesses today!
  3. Fast: Fast page loads, page caching along with the other basic features is something every basic estore is meant to have. Magento does it quite effortlessly; caching using Varnish, extremely fast data retrieval from huge databases, query processing & page loading in no time well enough to impress today’s internet tycoons!
  4. Single backend being good enough to run multiple stores & various design modules being able to be handled by a single admin makes Magento stand apart! This is a blessing for businesses that operate in multiple fields of ecommerce.
  5. Revenue uplift: Frequent marketing acts, events of sales, optimisation of site made possible easily with Magento by its exclusive features & scalability is known to provide an average revenue uplift of more than 15%!
  6. Architecture: Open architecture enabling even differentiated customer experiences at the best and making possible back end flow customization based on business needs is a boon to developers. This makes Magento the best of all available CMS!
  7. Open source: The best part of all is Magento being an open source platform totally free to install and use. Adding features or functionalities or add-ons by way of extensions from magentoConnect is easy. Its open source nature making developers to connect on a frequent basis ensures an up-to-date fresh platform for use always!

To make the best use of all the above & more goodness of Magento, an expert knowledge in web designing is a must to get a fully custom website suiting all the needs of a business. Don’t worry if you have the need of such an expert; call us right now for the eCommerce Portal development services assured from our experienced personnel!