Importance of a Digital Corporate Newsletter
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A newsletter is the most cost effective way of building relationships & being in connect with customers, clients and prospects. In a study conducted in 2013 on content marketing & email marketing benchmarks, more than 3-4th of the respondents have preferred newsletter, be it corporate newsletter, digital newsletter/ e-newsletter/ online newsletter as a way of receiving business updates while the remaining smaller crowd have taken a voice upon the updates via social media.

Newsletters encourage employees to achieve more & improve their standards of delivery due to the constant rewarding made in business communications. They help you combine even other corporate information or any detail for a social cause or so when you leave a last-minute-saver page during the print thus helps you connect with other businesses and society much better.

To mention on a list of things a newsletter brings that no other communication forum can do,

  • Newsletters are more effective than random email campaigns when it comes to reaching your own employees on a business note or a company development or so because people prefer to read them on a newsletter rather than on a repetitive flyer
  • Employee newsletters having information on co-employees serve as a source of big inspiration to the peers to ameliorate their working standards
  • Digital newsletters/responsive newsletters are trending today to suffice the flying needs of users flying with their smart phones/tablets from one corner of the nation to other on various business objectives. They love to read from their devices rather than hunting for a desktop
  • Newsletters go on a long way in making the company employees better involved in intra-social and inter-firm activities. Adding shares/comment links to the items in digital newsletters lets you know the views of people/employees and thus you let the firm culture re-created!
  • Hard copy of the newsletters also have their own significance; the family members who could be in a similar field get to read it & consider details for any business connects in future and so.

While designing a newsletter, take care of a few aspects,

  • Cover all the departments in the company, don’t leave any crowd as neglected!
  • Keep the article length sweet and simple yet effective!
  • Be consistent in schedule and content as to focus on the specific subject in every edition! Keep up commitments if you do so for the upcoming editions!
  • Use it as a forum for employees to practise additional learning!
  • Include notes from inspiring leaders of the company so the employees get boosted up!

While you may read multiple articles on newsletter design, we are sure it’s just you who knows the best what can/should go into the newsletter you publish, in way of projecting the culture of your firm appealingly and boost the firm identity. Any newsletter services you look for? Ask us now!