Why my website need Landing Pages?

Landing pages are more personally connecting to the users than the Home pages do. They are meant to attract a user attention and as well capture user information so as to communicate with the user in further stands. Traffic generation makes sense only when you are able to convert that traffic into sales. So how should your landing pages be? They ought to be in a way they target visitors based on the demography, give them interesting offers and drive them to the Call To Action area! Promotions towards a specific user crowd, pages specific to certain products, and such single objectives tell you the importance of landing pages.

A basic aspect of the Landing page design that focuses on conversions is messages conveyed. How well a landing page conveys the message that the upstream ad tells the users is the landing page design proficiency! Improper headlines with no catchy message makes the user run away within seconds, these days. When your ad says “Grab the deal today on electronics!” but the Landing page says “Welcome to the store”, we guess you can figure how stupid they match with each other; It is when the Landing page says something like “Get the buy 1 get 1 deal on kitchen items today@ our store for items more than 80000!”, it makes a good sense! We believe now you get an idea on how to design landing pages.

Landing pages showing more actions directing people to more web pages are known to generate much lesser conversion rates compared to those showing focus on one CTA so the pages that show a single ad driving people to click just that ad, make people go to the single offer shown there & enter the mail details make more sense.

With landing pages having a single focus, you can easily drive traffic with direct ads so you get a high rank in Google AdWords Campaign. When you have a new product or you invite people to a new ebook or you have changed your logo recently or for any such specific news you have you may create a landing page; this is the best of marketing techniques you can ever do!

Landing pages aren’t any new to online marketing but have existed since 15 years. All that you need to get is you can make the best landing pages knowing a few tactics: Know your customer well, make ways to engage him, be focused on leads, connect with customers through your site on a regular basis, show him you value him, and thus create healthy & stable customer relationships!

You may create more than 1 landing page if your business demands it. Are you looking for a support here so that you get started? Or complete landing page designing services? Or anything in website development? Ask us now!