Is my website outdated? Does it requires a Facelift?
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Websites are direct reflections of the businesses today. Having a mobile friendly website or an all device compatible website and a user friendly website is a basic trait expected out of every business, not as an aspect of any virtual checkpoint but as an entity to suffice the needs of today’s internet users.When should you get alarmed your website needs a facelift?

  • When it no more looks neat & clear on a mobile device. Google ranking algorithm now considers responsive web design as one of the major criteria for a website to be on the top SERPs. Non responsiveness of a site is one of the most impacting outdated website signs.
  • When your sales & leads are getting lower or not improving over a certain timeframe. When the users are having a tough time navigating through the site due to the hierarchy of the pages, or font size/style, or the CTA buttons not looking prominent enough, then its better you just wake up & know you are on the urge of redesinging websites!
  • When your website ranks low in the mostly used search engines. No more it is recommended to ‘simply’ push keywords in to web content just for the sake of ranking, but every engine now looks for a high-quality relevant content on websites to be ranked at the top!
  • When the website loads taking more time than 2 seconds, you can get to know you should no more wait to know reasons to redesign a website. Close to 50% of the customers walk out of the site if they don’t see it loading in 2 seconds or lesser.
  • When you see your website doesn’t stand smart enough to impress a 3rd person visitor, you should realise you are obsolete. What the company has to offer people, what is the range of products and services it provides, what are the sections those products/services are available at, what is the checkout process or registration needs a website has and so should be easily construed by a first time user on the site. That’s how the site should be. Ask yourself if your website does this, else “website redesigning” should be the ‘eureka’ word in your mind!
  • When you feel your website looks to have a crowded content not effectively utilizing the white spaces or using the spaces too high enough to give a clumsy look to people. These spaces ought to be managed aptly in order to support the website aesthetics; keep in mind!
  • When your website even today sits on flash. HTML5/CSS is the trend today smart web designers take up, to give the best website on any device.
  • When you realize your site has low quality, non HD images or video/media files. Please let’s keep our senses open to get alarmed that every user today expects an extreme high quality in every single thing they use. And when it comes to ecommerce sites, online shopping has increased enormously so you well know how awesome should be the product page, product details section, product images, CTA buttons, product offers, deals of the day, and contact information on the website should be, in order to ‘simply’ absorb people towards your business!
  • When your website branding is inconsistent, you know you got to think of the website Facelift. Right from the media channels to landing pages, to the ‘order successful’ pages and till the pamphlets for your sales team, the message conveyed by the website should be uniform, reflecting your branding.
  • When your website lacks an ideal CMS, you know you got to redesign. Content management is very important to stay at par with the everyday content needs of a user on an estore. Manual content updates are ‘simply’ risky, to be honest. Excellent content management systems like WordPress, Magento are plenty and we just require the right expertise to choose what suits our site at the best!

Knowing the nuances to facelift a website isn’t just enough, but having the optimum expert/pro to do it for you is extremely important for the simple reason you well know: it’s the effective utilization of the facelift resources to produce the best website possible. Should you require such a pro, contact us right now at QeHTML!