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Every offline business, irrespective of being small or medium or large, is required to have an online presence today, the reason being the domination of internet and technology. It’s not just an online business or an online store or a business website that’s enough, but having a responsive estore is a necessity if you target to cover most customers who are on desktops and as well on mobiles/tablets.

A business website is necessary to get the benefits of both the below in order to do the best sell of products/services to increase sales, to automate the manual selling process and to gain a strong business presence.

  • Inbound marketing where we create strategies such that the customer finds us
  • Content marketing where we create the content such that the search engines find us

A business website isn’t just a url with a few products and contact details; it should be such that it is another version of your business, offering the customers what they need while they sit in their homes. How should it be and what does it do?

  • 24-hour accessibility and all-time purchase while still not having to be in a waiting queue is the greatest advantage that your business online gives/should give the customers!
  • Building the brand by means of creating trust in every customer upon you and the business is what your online presence does.
  • Online reviews provided by the customers and the timely shares and posts you make in the social media towards the targeted audience, gets more visitors to believe in you and thus it expands the customer base at you!
  • While offline shops may attract just the customers/people in and around the locality, a website online is available for a visitor anywhere in the geography thus it is quite obvious online generates more customers than an offline business establishment does!
  • A clearly structured website with all the products/services/offerings listed in a proper hierarchy under the right department with the right amount of details projected in a clean/simple manner, not only shows the customer what your business offers but also gives him the flexibility to take a look at the items at his wish, take sufficient time to research on them and buy once convinced. It doesn’t pressurize the customer to buy as it does in the shops offline.
  • Most customers check out on a product online today by ‘Googling’ (at Google.com)! Doesn’t it tell you how this website of yours should be? The structure, content and web design should be such that the search engines can find you quick enough for you to appear in the first 1-2 of the SERPs.

Having spoken about why you require an online presence, it is a must you have a professional or an expertise to make the best possible use of the web design technologies to achieve each/more of the above at the best possible time, cost and effort. Should you require such assistance, make sure to ask us right now at QeHTML!