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Customer Trust

5 Ways Customer Trust Will Help You Get More Business

In today’s cut-throat competition, maintaining a good online reputation and customer trust is a must. Businesses these days grow by building successful relationships. I know how hard you work to get those 5-star ratings. And trust me, you are not alone! Most businesses strive today to achieve good ratings. The reasons are obvious.

Before you download any app, drive to a new eatery or go to a new amusement park, what is the first thing you do? I’m sure you’d say ‘I check reviews!’

If they are bad, you’d never turn your face to that restaurant, amusement park or app. But if they’re good, you’ll definitely give it a shot.

That is the power of online reviews. They can influence your decision.

According to statista,

Trust is the key component of running a successful business. They understand the importance of the connection. You need to establish a bond and engage with potential customer regularly.

Here are few strategies you must follow to build customer trust and earn online reviews

1. Be Transparent

Giving an open communication platform to your customers, telling your brand stories, giving information regarding products and company, all these little trifles matter a lot in gaining customer trust and in building meaningful relationships with customers.

As a result, your company will be portrayed as honest, authentic, transparent which will ultimately help you gain sales, loyalty and lifetime per customer.

2. Pay attention to your website

Your website is the face of your business. If your website looks cluttered, customers will think you handle businesses carelessly. Having a professional looking website inspires trust and credibility which will increase sales and referrals. You should have a crystal clear website design and should quickly fix any broken links.

3. Allow customers to post reviews

Online customer reviews have become the go-to place for people trying to take a decision about a product or a service.

According to SiteJabber,

• Businesses having over 1000 reviews receive 672 percent more leads and have an 18 percent higher rating.
• Customers don’t trust reviews if they can’t see some bad ones. Businesses having 30-40 percent bad reviews are more trusted with businesses having all five stars.
• Businesses who respond to reviews (and handle negative reviews gracefully) have 86 percent higher ranking who doesn’t.

4. Update Content Regularly

One of the main reason people don’t return to a brand’s website is because it gets stagnant. Make sure you are delivering fresh content and decide a schedule you can stick to. Blogs are one of the primarily ways to attract clients to our website. Post informative content on your website and optimise it so that it reaches target audience.

5. Remember, Customer is NOT always right

“The customer is always right”. Don’t you think this cliche itself is wrong? When a customer buys a particular product or service, they think that product is best suited. But you know better. If you know they’d enjoy some other product or service. You should suggest. To build trust, you need to give them the best.

Brian Hughes says,” maybe your product isn’t the right fit for a potential client’s business growth strategy.” Don’t simply go along with what a customer says because they’re “always right.” Be honest and guide them the solution which is right. Build customer trust by being a pinpointing their grief rather than just upselling.

Wrapping up

Customer Trust is the key to a successful relationship. Start building trust by including trust seals on your website by being accessible, transparent and always focusing on the customer. Understand their needs and wants. Pinpoint their problems and offer the right solution. Communicate with them clearly and be on all those platforms on which they’re. These techniques are great to build customer trust. Implement today and reap the futures later.

social media trends

5 Social Media Trends That Are Making Waves in 2018

Social media is constantly transforming.

More than a place to gel with your friends and family, it has become a place to market your brand and leverage their advantages.

But marketing alone won’t make your brand successful. You need to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies and apply them in your business.

Today marketing and social media go hand in hand. As we’ve already reached midway of 2018, it’s crucial to identify the latest social media trends.

In the past one year, several advancements took place: Facebook enticed Snapchat users to use Instagram, Twitter increased its character limits and Google rolled out the mobile-first index.

From where I see, mainstream social media will hustle more in terms of new trends and technologies.

Here are top 5 social media trends you must look forward to in 2018


1. Step into the world of augmented reality

Brands are embracing augmented reality. Look at Snapchat filters and Facebook’s messenger app- these apps sense the facial area and motion and accordingly add fictional elements to the screen.

Games like PokemonGo are one of the earliest examples of augmented reality.

I can foresee many changes in social media augmented reality where you get delighted by the real and virtual play.

2. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is blooming — according to some, it is a billion dollar industry. Some people gained engagement, money, fame, and popularity in a blink of an eye. And this isn’t a fluke, these are actual numbers.

Brands are looking to partner with micro influencers.

What are micro influencers?

Micro influencers, also known as social influencers are those people who have a strong following but aren’t a celebrity.

The reason you should partner with a social influencer is that they have 60% higher engagement and you can expect 22.2% more weekly conversations than the average consumer. Another reason to opt is that micro influencers are cost effective.

social media trends


3. Live videos continue to bloom

What was once thought to be a fad is now taken into the mainstream in social media era. Today, businesses whether big or small are taking up live video streaming to gain engagement.

According to a study, 95% of brand execs say live video is key to their 2018 strategies.

As a result, most of the social media channels are having live streaming options and brands are leveraging it.

social media trends


The increasing fame and popularity of live videos mean your company also needs to get on board with the latest trends. You need to recognize and use the platform which gives the maximum engagement to your brand.

4. Surge in the usage of messaging platforms

According to statista, 2.5 billion people are using messaging platforms globally. In 2018, brands will invest more time and money in connecting with consumers on messaging platforms. Artificial intelligence, voice search, voice assistants, and chatbots will offer customers a personalized shopping experience.

5. Paid advertisements

In 2018, businesses need to aggressively post on social media on a daily basis.

This is necessary for survival; although not enough.

Facebook has more than 6 million users. This is because it has become very easy to set up an add for to a targeted audience. In addition to that, you can also track and analyze the daily report and manage their budgets based on the lifetime of each ad.


Wrapping up


Social media is constantly evolving. As a marketer, you need to stay updated with the latest social media trends for brand engagement and brand storytelling. A number of other social media trends are also anticipated. One of them could be Twitter changing its advertisement options and algorithms. Also, with the coming of new iPhones, augmented reality stands a chance to become a part of mainstream social media.

web design

5 Web Design Trends You Must Follow in 2018

Your website is the face of your business. As a digital medium of passing and seeking information, web design is subjected to the ever-changing process. We are now 18 years into the new millennium and we saw what not.

2017 saw many advancements, including the mobile usage taking over desktop browsing. In 2018 we are witnessing mobile functionality in ways we have never seen before. While desktops will continue to remain in use, people are going to look forward to mobile first indexing.

And with this notion, let’s take a look at some of the best web design trends of 2018 that are ready to boggle your mind.

1. Dynamic Gradients

Gradients are making an amazing comeback in 2018. Gradients are vibrant and loud. it makes less interesting photos look amazing.

2. Cinamagraphs and animations


source: Nike

These days people embrace visual content more than text content. An animation is a great tool for portraying a new product and brand storytelling. It entices visitors to look forward to you and initiates meaningful conversations with them.

3. Bold typography

Typography is a powerful visual tool. It is capable of taming unicorns and crossing oceans(just kidding). Typography fonts are fun and energetic. They put life into a dead design. Whatever your brand identity is, typographic fonts sets the mood right. Because of the surge in device resolutions, we can see a considerable increase in the use of custom fonts. Typography aligns with your brand, improves the UX, and keep the reader stick to your website.

4. Asymmetric grid layout



Asymmetry and mismatched things are in these days. 2018 is witnessing a lot of stereotypes being broken. 2018 is embracing it. Asymmetrical designs are unique, distinctive and sometimes experimental. This makes them favorite of every web designer in 2018.

5. Custom illustrations

Illustrators are sighted, we’re delighted. They are great and versatile, playful, friendly, and add an element of fun to the website. Illustrations are suited not only to fun and energetic brands but also to those brands which are perceived as serious.

Bottom Line
Between asymmetric grids, bright colors, integrated animations, 2018 is one of the most fun years in the history of web design. Let’s us wait and see what more 2018 has in its bag. Looking for consultation regarding web design? You always have our back.

Mobile Spending

3 Ways Of Encouraging Mobile Spending That Can Boost Sales

Customer Acquisition from mobile phones is blooming. Over the past six months, 62% of consumers with a smartphone have completed an online purchase from their mobile devices only from the united states.


You shouldn’t jump out of one’s skin reading this. Look around, you’ll find everyone glued to their hands.

Smartphones, tablets, are the gadgets where people are surfing and consuming content. So, if your audience is surfing, consuming and shopping on mobile phones, you also need to be there. Accommodate their needs, encourage them, make money.

You might be wondering how to do that? How to encourage mobile payments? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. Read the article to know how can you persuade your customers to take a step towards mCommerce.

1. Optimize your website for mobile users

According to hosting facts, an increase in site speed from 8 to 2 seconds can boost your conversion rate by 74% (this is based on data monitoring real user activity from 33 major retailers).

These facts show how important it is to optimize your website for mobile users.

Now let me give you a situation. Think about how your current website looks. Now compare your website with a mobile-optimized website. You’ll find much difference both in terms of website design and sales.

Take this as an example.

Now readers won’t have to struggle to read small texts. There’s no need for them to zoom in, side scroll, or do anything else that can impair their experience and limit their buying experience

In the above example, you can see, the design is seamless; easier to navigate, and comprehend.

Create a mobile app

According to smart insights, mobile apps projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising.

But if you want to boost sales by encouraging sales, you need to have a mobile app.

There are top three reasons why small business owners should have a mobile app.

One-click checkout

One-click checkout is a process which enables customers to make purchases with a single click just by entering the payment details.

Amazon is already embracing it.

When someone decides to buy from your website, don’t make them travel the whole universe. Come straight to the point. Give an easy checkout process or just one click checkout. Having an efficient checkout process will increase their chance of converting.

It is difficult for people to fill the information on mobile and tablets. To buy something, people have to fill name, address, mobile numbers, mode of payment and other important details. But it really gets difficult for them to fill these fields in a 4-inch screen.

Eliminate steps which aren’t absolutely necessary to complete the purchase. Each added step will reduce the chances of conversion.

Bottom line
If you want to get more sales, you need to improve the experience of your existing customers. Recognize their consumption habits, and adjust your process accordingly.

Start by offering a good user experience. Build a mobile-friendly website one offer a one-click checkout. Offer your visitors a personalized shopping experience. Learn from their consuming behavior and based on that give them incentives to entice them to buy. When your strategies are getting the desired results, you can then consider going for a mobile app.

website redesign

5 Signs You Should Invest In Website Redesign

St. Jerome once said, “ The face is the mirror of the mind and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.” Your face reflects your soul. Likewise, your website reflects your business, it has to be good looking and catchy. Within a few seconds of visiting your website, a visitor should able to comprehend the following things

1. What is the website all about?
2. Which industry is it deals in?
3. How to contact you?

If your website cannot convey these checkpoints within first few seconds, it’s time you realize your website needs a redesign.

You might believe your website is too good to go for a redesign. But before you put a stamp, I insist to give a second thought.

Here are X signs to put your website redesign plans into the ground

1. Your website isn’t bringing the desired results

You created a killer website. You put loads of high-resolution banner images, optimized product images, and checkout pages.But do you see your agendas getting accomplished? If not, you need a redesign.

• Observe your conversation rates
• How often people come to your website?
• Are they making any action?
• Does your website have more texts and fewer images?
• Is it portraying what your business is about?

Asking yourself these questions will guide you through the website redesign process.

2. User experience isn’t great

Suppose you visit an online apparel store to buy a t-shirt. You see the products are listed haphazardly. The store isn’t able to convey a proper navigation system. Also, the checkout process is tiring. There’s no option of help and contact. Would you like to purchase from such a website? I think you understood my point. Now act along these lines on your website.

Is your website guilty of providing a bad user experience? Always remember people will remember how your website made them feel. Hence providing an excellent user experience is the need of the hour.

Product recommendations, hamburger menu,  mobile-friendly website,  one-click checkout, sticky navigation are some key elements you can focus to improve your user experience.

3. You want to put a killer content strategy into practice

Content is the base of boosting sales and generating revenue. Google is changing its algorithms with each passing day and you also need to pace up. So, if you are planning to incorporate eBooks, Infographics, Video content, a web redesign is advisable.

A freshly revamped website not only makes your great content look better but also helps search engines to crawl and index it. Along with this, it increases the readability.

4. Securing your site from Cyberattacks

With each passing day, there is an advancement in cybersecurity sector. Likewise, Cyberattacks have also increased. This is obvious to say, Cybercriminals are always having an eye on businesses- irrespective of the industry. Who knows, you might be their next target!

Ask yourself, “ Can your website withstand cyber attacks”? If no, you need website redesign at the earliest.

Ask your developing team to analyze the website’s bug history and the type of attacks incurring to different businesses. Update your site periodically to safeguard against harmful attacks.

Afterall your website the sole source of generating revenue. Going for a website redesign ensures the safety of your business.

5. A website redesign helps in delighting your buyer’s personas

A buyer persona is an ideal representation of your target customers based on demographics, market research, and analysis of your current clientele.

Your website is the key element for delighting the customer. It helps in creating a positive impression in front of the prospects and deliver your business agendas. Redesigning your website helps in delighting your buyer’s persona and takes them through the sales funnel.

Bottom line
Change is the only constant. If you take up this motto, no one can stop you being a thought leader in your business. A website reflects the efforts you’ve put into your business, make sure it turns out to be fruitful. Here are 5 reasons to go for website redesign and the areas where you can improve.

Need any assistance with website design? You always have our back. Contact us here.

8 Web Design Trends that can't be ignored

8 Web Design Trends that can’t be ignored

We are almost towards the last quarter of 2016 and it’s high time we deduce what to follow and what not to, in ecommerce web design trends in the upcoming years to come.

  1. While we use sliders to bring visitors to the site classy features, the fact is not even 5% of the visitors click on the feature slider and out of which not even 25% of them click the image other than the first one! When they don’t seem to work as per what you intend them to, it’s nice you change them!
  2. Among the website trends to follow, one of the most important is the website static content; make sure to put up a strong relevant content; don’t be shocked to know close to 50% of the marketers choose this as the most noticed content on the site. Designing visuals to endorse this static content is important; make a note!
  3. Custom pictures are more received than the stock photos are, say the marketers in their strategy for years 2016& above. Make sure you use what is on the trend!
  4. Pages flooded with heavy scripts, lengthy sliders, and such distractors are sure to make their way out in a visitor view. Make sure you have none of them & not to lose the hold you have on the visitors!
  5. Social media files, videos, images relevant to the website are gaining a high importance today, say the marketers. Try to include them to support your web content; make sure you include only apt stories/supporting media and not for the sake of inserting them in!
  6. Card layout on websites, one of the most received website trends brought out by Pinterest, is running really high because it gives the related information in different pieces so as not to flood the visitor read and letting them easily scan what he/she wants. It also lets the designer to modify their design on the page quite easily; be happy to know it’s the best for responsive layouts.
  7. A decent amount of scrolling as per the needs of the site is very much acceptable since users are well-used to the mobile/smart phone usage today. Having only the necessary elements on the fold, it’s good to have supporting stories after a scroll so it even creates a curiosity in the user as to what story the company has to tell him! Don’t overdo though!
  8. Background videos without audio, having on-page links, buttons, text, giving way to lighting, and cinematography effects are well suited to explain complex structures in an enthusiastic manner!

While we may be aware of these trends, it takes some time and effort to put them up at the best to get the best of the estore! Are you excited enough to start your next website project or looking for a facelift to the existing website? Ask us now for we assure the best in web facelift services and much more in ecommerce!

10 Web Design Trends to definitely ignore

10 Web Design Trends to definitely ignore

Evolution of Web design right from 1990 has shown us a lot of trends and today website giants like Amazon just know what works the best in website trends & do use it to their benefits! So what should you ignore in web design trends?

  • Loading screens in home pages are too slow for a site to begin with. Smartphones being the highest point of entry of a visitor onto a website, loading screens could leave the site with slower loads, weaker hardware, slowness due to limited data plans and overall a poor web performance. Ignore loading screens!
  • Among the website trends to ignore, mobile popups are the next in queue. While marketers may think they do good, users comment they do more harm than good. They eat up the whole screen space, wait for everything else to load causing interruption to read on the main web content already loaded. While you may need to use them, try ways to put them less intrusively!
  • Parallax and scrolling modes of the pages when overdone is a big headache to the users. Even if used, it’s not for the mobiles but for desktops only! Using lightweight codes is a must even when used on desktops so you don’t stand out giving a sorry figure to the people!
  • Auto play media files on home pages are the most annoying to the users because to the multitasking users it’s a distractor or something that forces them to do something & they definitely wouldn’t end up doing it rather they do hit the back button & get flushed out of the site!
  • To manage the less space for navigation menus in small screens, mobile designers took up to hidden menus; this is a very bad idea as it creates a bad impression to the user who has to click an extra time to view every other page. It’s good to keep away from such designs!
  • Bid a bye to Mobile version of websites! They are not received as much as the responsive websites are! Responsive designs provide the best layout and the ultimately optimized experience!
  • Heavy texts on websites is no more an interest to the people! Cut down the text and resort to interactive images or smart art form of messages!
  • SEO copywriting is something to be given a farewell. Use the right content on messages, copywriting to be used to build up the brand and not focus on SEO exclusively!
  • Old pay per click is not received anymore. Focus on contextual advertising, targeted ads and online content specific to intended users!
  • The technological giant Apple favours flat UI instead of skeuomorphism; keeping away from gradients and using cleaner simpler designs are received today!

It’s high time you bid bye-bye to these design trends and incorporate the trends a pro-business would do today! If you require assistance in such web facelift services, ask us now for you are assured the best!

10 Reasons why you need website maintenance

10 Reasons why you need website maintenance

Every company takes an immense effort in projecting or marketing the company’s offerings, by all means, in all directions, during its first time launch to reach the maximum people possible. The company website launch is a part of this venture for which the teams spend a lot of effort to get the best site. But then what happens if this is left as such even after years together? Not upgrading the website periodically does affect the business; Beware!

Website maintenance is important why?

  1. Without the latest/recent hand of experienced professionals on web pages redesigning, image updates or so, the site tends not to give the competitive edge it once did!
  2. CMS Website maintenance is necessary to keep the content fresh, unique and up-to date with the trends. Performance checks, report generation, and regular support is needed to have the site safe and competitive!
  3. Bug removal, troubleshooting in case of breakdowns to control downtimes are to be included as a part of the maintenance to keep the site fresh & performing.
  4. Website backup saves effort, time and money in case of failures.
  5. Revision, edit and modification with every new web page addition, software updates & so reduce security breaches and keeps the site dynamic
  6. Maintenance makes the site stand apart amidst others in the market. Hiring professionals to do these is always a better option than doing it ourselves for the simple edge of expertise they execute in the journey.
  7. Maintenance, not only addresses the bugs but also saves you from falling for a big unexpected failure all of a sudden due to the site being very old. Repairing and rebuilding post a failure is a tragedy!
  8. Without maintenance, forms may start malfunctioning, notifications & other important modules may go offline for no obvious reason, and all may end up in you losing sales. Don’t let it happen!
  9. User experience is a big aspect that needs to be looked into when you ask “why need website maintenance“. Website being the first point of contact for the customers is the first impression he/she gets. Potential customers may start walking out of the site if they get fed up with a site looking as tired as they look!
  10. Visibility enhancement to Google & other search engines can happen only when the site looks fresh and new!

Regular maintenance post the website development could be made easy with quarterly, semi-annual or annual plans where the payments could be handled easily too. Needless to say, regular maintenance in web development is needed because it adds a lot of value to the site, company and you saving you time and money in a long term. If you require assistance in web maintenance services, ask us now!

12 ways to reduce Bounce rate of your website

12 ways to reduce Bounce rate of your website

Bounce rate of a page is the ratio of number of bounces on the page to the number of entries into the page. Bounce rate of a website is the ratio of number on all pages of the site to the number of entries considering all pages of the site. Bounce rate isn’t about the time spent on the site as everyone usually misunderstands. A higher bounce rate means the content on the entrance page of the site isn’t convincing to the visitors. Though it may be tough to get a bounce rate of lesser than 20%, between 35% and 50% is of a little concern while anything above 50% is sick, as per experts say.

How to keep visitors engaged on website? How to reduce bounce rates and go positive towards website conversions?

  • Keep the website visuals quite appealing; ensure it has a pleasing look and easy navigation. Care to be taken while choosing the web theme having text legible enough and looks neat & clean. Putting the design for a test among peers can help you know a 3rd person view to make further amendments If any.
  • Don’t let people feel as if they are going through a maze while they navigate through your site. Intuitive navigation is a must! Apple is known to have one of the best navigations! Pick out the most important pages of your site, label them aptly and put them in the navigation bar. Don’t flood the bar content, rather create sub menus under the ‘relevant’ main menu very importantly!
  • Internal links between the website pages and the pages you want the visitor to look at next is necessary. Hyperlink to the right url on required pages connects the readers more to your site and gives them the confidence they can get what they want from you. WordPress link creator or SEO plugin may help you here.
  • Creating relevant content which is powerful and complete enough for the context, the website is designed for, is extremely important. Google’s ranking algorithm chooses the web pages with the most relevant content, for its display on first few SERPs. Keep yourself in the customer shoes while choosing the content for a subject and make sure you get the maximum possible out of what you put in!
  • Apt headings on posts/pages is necessary in order to give a good understanding to the reader of what is beneath it. Rather than making a creative or a fascinating headline, make sure to write a neat & clear one; what’s the point if people don’t understand the title you have put?
  • Structure the content for an easy read by using the apt sub titles, crisp sentences, paragraph break-ups as applicable, bulleting/numbering as required, and images wherever possible & relevant.
  • Make sure to include different varieties of content like audio clips, video files, pictures wherever suitable so as to not to give a boring full-throw content to the visitors.
  • Ensure to have a CTA button/link at the end of each post, be it an action box for a newsletter or an email sign up, or a ‘contact us’ or a ‘buy/purchase’ button or any that is relevant.
  • Adding related posts/previous post feedbacks/previous share information on the applicable posts can be a way people can connect much better to the content you provide.
  • Creating a section for popular items can get the reader fascinated towards them & thus stay longer!
  • While creating pop ups for collecting user information, keep in mind pop ups are quite a harsh way of collecting the information. So unless you give the people ultimately a great content, the detail you have collected is of no use!

Creating a great website with all the best features or redesigning websites towards giving a responsive web design isn’t complex but requires the expertise in the right direction. If you are looking for a website facelift /redesign/ or any other ecommerce services in view to increase website conversions, ask us now at QeHTML!

8 secrets to improve your Website’s Conversion Rate

8 secrets to improve your Website’s Conversion Rate

Website conversions are the heart of every business & to improve website conversions in a frequent interval is necessary in order to keep in par with the competitive business market look-ups & the growing customer needs. Let’s take a look on a few tips/secrets to soar your website conversion rates!

  • Website types are of 2: Branding ones purely to create brand loyalty and awareness which takes a lot of time and money and Direct response types which are built such that they intend to grab the people response right away. Direct response websites are built using the maximum possible number of words needed to ‘sell’ a site, targeting a specific crowd towards a specific action with the end goal of leading to sales. Calling, filling forms, signing up for mails, using a coupon or anything of this sort can be the action made possible. Make sure to have direct response sites.
  • Ensure to have a responsive web design. This includes redesigning website post evaluation of the right font size, font colour, background colour, right colour contrast, compatibility on various browsers and in various mobile devices, load times for various internet connections of which making a mobile friendly website/user friendly website/ all device compatible website is the most important keeping in mind the smart device soar today!
  • Capturing leads at very good rates is possible by sending people to well targeted landing pages? Yes. Offers not gated through the landing pages don’t support the leads; landing pages are the collection tools! Every form signed up on the landing page is a conversion number gained. Tracking reconversions of available leads is via landing pages only. Social media shares, PPC ad links, organic search connect and much more are achieved by the landing pages. Make sure to make them the best!
  • Call to Action buttons in the same colour as the site headline/logo with all the elements off the page as with Dropbox, slide-in-call-to-action that asks you to stop all else but click on this button, having the right font and wording on the CTA button, suitable surrounding design/images, having not many elements bright or gaining attention in addition to the CTA buttons are all some basics to have the best CTA. Do you note?
  • Ensuring your online presence is for an authentic brand, having open transparent communication, answering for mistakes & rebuilding connect with genuineness like how Dominoes did are all important in going towards high leads. Dominoes’ financial generation on brand authenticity showcase has been enormous!
  • Make sure your sales and marketing team is in line with your business goals. The content you try to present/sell should be honestly actionable and applicable. Don’t try revenue even before relationships!
  • Having a simple yet effective ‘About us’ page and doing a website facelift/ redesign to keep up to the ecommerce trends are important in view to increase website conversions. About us page should really reflect not just who you are but more importantly what you can do for the people. When you see a lesser sale or high bouncing rates or non appearance in top 2 SERPs, or any of these sorts then get alarmed you need to do a redesign of the site!


Now that you know some of these basic checkpoints towards seeing a higher website conversion rate, are you sure to have the apt expertise to achieve the goal (for web redesign or CMS build or any) at an ideal time and effort? If you think you need a support, ask us right now at QeHTML for you can be sure you would get the best!