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5 Ways Customer Trust Will Help You Get More Business

In today’s cut-throat competition, maintaining a good online reputation and customer trust is a must. Businesses these days grow by building successful relationships. I know how hard you work to get those 5-star ratings. And trust me, you are not alone! Most businesses strive today to achieve good ratings. The reasons are obvious.

Before you download any app, drive to a new eatery or go to a new amusement park, what is the first thing you do? I’m sure you’d say ‘I check reviews!’

If they are bad, you’d never turn your face to that restaurant, amusement park or app. But if they’re good, you’ll definitely give it a shot.

That is the power of online reviews. They can influence your decision.

According to statista,

Trust is the key component of running a successful business. They understand the importance of the connection. You need to establish a bond and engage with potential customer regularly.

Here are few strategies you must follow to build customer trust and earn online reviews

1. Be Transparent

Giving an open communication platform to your customers, telling your brand stories, giving information regarding products and company, all these little trifles matter a lot in gaining customer trust and in building meaningful relationships with customers.

As a result, your company will be portrayed as honest, authentic, transparent which will ultimately help you gain sales, loyalty and lifetime per customer.

2. Pay attention to your website

Your website is the face of your business. If your website looks cluttered, customers will think you handle businesses carelessly. Having a professional looking website inspires trust and credibility which will increase sales and referrals. You should have a crystal clear website design and should quickly fix any broken links.

3. Allow customers to post reviews

Online customer reviews have become the go-to place for people trying to take a decision about a product or a service.

According to SiteJabber,

• Businesses having over 1000 reviews receive 672 percent more leads and have an 18 percent higher rating.
• Customers don’t trust reviews if they can’t see some bad ones. Businesses having 30-40 percent bad reviews are more trusted with businesses having all five stars.
• Businesses who respond to reviews (and handle negative reviews gracefully) have 86 percent higher ranking who doesn’t.

4. Update Content Regularly

One of the main reason people don’t return to a brand’s website is because it gets stagnant. Make sure you are delivering fresh content and decide a schedule you can stick to. Blogs are one of the primarily ways to attract clients to our website. Post informative content on your website and optimise it so that it reaches target audience.

5. Remember, Customer is NOT always right

“The customer is always right”. Don’t you think this cliche itself is wrong? When a customer buys a particular product or service, they think that product is best suited. But you know better. If you know they’d enjoy some other product or service. You should suggest. To build trust, you need to give them the best.

Brian Hughes says,” maybe your product isn’t the right fit for a potential client’s business growth strategy.” Don’t simply go along with what a customer says because they’re “always right.” Be honest and guide them the solution which is right. Build customer trust by being a pinpointing their grief rather than just upselling.

Wrapping up

Customer Trust is the key to a successful relationship. Start building trust by including trust seals on your website by being accessible, transparent and always focusing on the customer. Understand their needs and wants. Pinpoint their problems and offer the right solution. Communicate with them clearly and be on all those platforms on which they’re. These techniques are great to build customer trust. Implement today and reap the futures later.