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5 Signs You Should Invest In Website Redesign

St. Jerome once said, “ The face is the mirror of the mind and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.” Your face reflects your soul. Likewise, your website reflects your business, it has to be good looking and catchy. Within a few seconds of visiting your website, a visitor should able to comprehend the following things

1. What is the website all about?
2. Which industry is it deals in?
3. How to contact you?

If your website cannot convey these checkpoints within first few seconds, it’s time you realize your website needs a redesign.

You might believe your website is too good to go for a redesign. But before you put a stamp, I insist to give a second thought.

Here are X signs to put your website redesign plans into the ground

1. Your website isn’t bringing the desired results

You created a killer website. You put loads of high-resolution banner images, optimized product images, and checkout pages.But do you see your agendas getting accomplished? If not, you need a redesign.

• Observe your conversation rates
• How often people come to your website?
• Are they making any action?
• Does your website have more texts and fewer images?
• Is it portraying what your business is about?

Asking yourself these questions will guide you through the website redesign process.

2. User experience isn’t great

Suppose you visit an online apparel store to buy a t-shirt. You see the products are listed haphazardly. The store isn’t able to convey a proper navigation system. Also, the checkout process is tiring. There’s no option of help and contact. Would you like to purchase from such a website? I think you understood my point. Now act along these lines on your website.

Is your website guilty of providing a bad user experience? Always remember people will remember how your website made them feel. Hence providing an excellent user experience is the need of the hour.

Product recommendations, hamburger menu,  mobile-friendly website,  one-click checkout, sticky navigation are some key elements you can focus to improve your user experience.

3. You want to put a killer content strategy into practice

Content is the base of boosting sales and generating revenue. Google is changing its algorithms with each passing day and you also need to pace up. So, if you are planning to incorporate eBooks, Infographics, Video content, a web redesign is advisable.

A freshly revamped website not only makes your great content look better but also helps search engines to crawl and index it. Along with this, it increases the readability.

4. Securing your site from Cyberattacks

With each passing day, there is an advancement in cybersecurity sector. Likewise, Cyberattacks have also increased. This is obvious to say, Cybercriminals are always having an eye on businesses- irrespective of the industry. Who knows, you might be their next target!

Ask yourself, “ Can your website withstand cyber attacks”? If no, you need website redesign at the earliest.

Ask your developing team to analyze the website’s bug history and the type of attacks incurring to different businesses. Update your site periodically to safeguard against harmful attacks.

Afterall your website the sole source of generating revenue. Going for a website redesign ensures the safety of your business.

5. A website redesign helps in delighting your buyer’s personas

A buyer persona is an ideal representation of your target customers based on demographics, market research, and analysis of your current clientele.

Your website is the key element for delighting the customer. It helps in creating a positive impression in front of the prospects and deliver your business agendas. Redesigning your website helps in delighting your buyer’s persona and takes them through the sales funnel.

Bottom line
Change is the only constant. If you take up this motto, no one can stop you being a thought leader in your business. A website reflects the efforts you’ve put into your business, make sure it turns out to be fruitful. Here are 5 reasons to go for website redesign and the areas where you can improve.

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Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends Which Cannot Be Ignored In 2018

2018 is about to begin and we all know how quick web design trends upgrade with each coming year. Every year there are changes in the technology and web design tools due to which the design ideas and components quickly get obsolete.

Getting responsive website designed would just not be enough. To stay competitive, it becomes important to keep your website updated as per the latest trends to attract potential customers and ensure consistent growth and revenue in business.

Here we have listed out some web design trends which you may have got introduced to in 2017 itself but are going to dominate web design market in 2018 as well and so cannot be ignored.

Meaningful Illustrations

The Illustration is a great way to visualize your unique ideas. Photography has always been preferred in the form of large hero images and attractive background images. These days illustrations are gradually replacing the photographs as they give a unique personality to your website.

Illustrations get loaded quicker than the photographs. As per Google’s Mobile-First Algorithm, the websites getting loaded faster would provide better user experience and given high preference when search engine ranking is concerned.

Photographs can be edited up to a certain extent only, whereas illustrations can be customized the way you want to. There is lot of scope of explaining even the complex concepts to the website visitors easily through illustrations thus making them highly preferred by website owners, web designers, and digital marketers.

Expressive Typography

Web designers are no more restricted to a particular set of fonts to be used. There are different types of fonts available now one can experiment with and showcase their creativity.

Google is now offering a wide collection of fonts which are free to use. In many instances, the creative typography has started replacing the images even. Similar to illustrations, the text also gets loaded faster and thus improves your entire website loading speed resulting in reduced bounce rate.

Accelerated Speed

As per DoubleClick Study, 53% of visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If you want your websites to generate maximum revenue, you need to ensure that all the elements on the web pages are light weight and get loaded faster.

This doesn’t mean that you should design boring websites missing attractive elements just to increase the speed. All you need to ensure is that the elements whether photos or videos you embed on your website should be placed for the improvement of user experience and not for mere showoff.

Geometrical Layout

These days, the card-based layout is highly popular as most of the people visit websites using their mobile devices. Tile theme is also another geometrical layout which is gaining high popularity.

You must have visited Pinterest and knowing the comfort it provides to the browsers. Similar to that, if your website represents the content in the card-based or tile-based layout it would give any easy access to the visitors.

The websites with familiar geometric layout are likely to achieve increased session time per user and decrease the bounce rate which ultimately leads to the higher conversion rate.

Attractive Colors and Gradients

A few years back, the websites with light and pastel colors were considered to be professional. On the contrary, these days the website designers are using bright and glowing colors and gradients to attract the visitors and keep them engaged.

However, you need to consider your buyers’ persona before selecting the colors for your website. Not everyone would like to read websites with bright colors. It all depends on the type of audience you are catering to.

High Security

2017 has seen many hacking and ransomware issues which require being avoided this year. In 2018, we need to be cautious about these issues and improve security features on our website in order to make web pages safer to browse and download.

Dynamic Interaction

Placing an element on the web page which tells you about your visitors is highly used these days as it provides instant feedback of the website user. For example, you can ask your visitor to click on the ratings they want to give to your website and obtain instant feedback from them.

This feedback can be highly useful while analyzing your conversions and finding a room for improvement in future.

Future of Web Design Trends 2018: Expected Longevity

Design trends become popular for providing convenience and solve a problem users may be facing at present. How long these web design trends of 2018 are going to stay or not for a long time can be determined by the benefits they provide to the website users.

Now, when you know the latest web design trends for the upcoming year, you can very well update your website and achieve your business goals. But, not all latest web design trends may suit your type of business. Don’t just choose a web design trend because everyone else is doing it. Consider your buyers’ persona and business goals, before executing a new web design trend to your website.