8 Web Design Trends that can't be ignored
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We are almost towards the last quarter of 2016 and it’s high time we deduce what to follow and what not to, in ecommerce web design trends in the upcoming years to come.

  1. While we use sliders to bring visitors to the site classy features, the fact is not even 5% of the visitors click on the feature slider and out of which not even 25% of them click the image other than the first one! When they don’t seem to work as per what you intend them to, it’s nice you change them!
  2. Among the website trends to follow, one of the most important is the website static content; make sure to put up a strong relevant content; don’t be shocked to know close to 50% of the marketers choose this as the most noticed content on the site. Designing visuals to endorse this static content is important; make a note!
  3. Custom pictures are more received than the stock photos are, say the marketers in their strategy for years 2016& above. Make sure you use what is on the trend!
  4. Pages flooded with heavy scripts, lengthy sliders, and such distractors are sure to make their way out in a visitor view. Make sure you have none of them & not to lose the hold you have on the visitors!
  5. Social media files, videos, images relevant to the website are gaining a high importance today, say the marketers. Try to include them to support your web content; make sure you include only apt stories/supporting media and not for the sake of inserting them in!
  6. Card layout on websites, one of the most received website trends brought out by Pinterest, is running really high because it gives the related information in different pieces so as not to flood the visitor read and letting them easily scan what he/she wants. It also lets the designer to modify their design on the page quite easily; be happy to know it’s the best for responsive layouts.
  7. A decent amount of scrolling as per the needs of the site is very much acceptable since users are well-used to the mobile/smart phone usage today. Having only the necessary elements on the fold, it’s good to have supporting stories after a scroll so it even creates a curiosity in the user as to what story the company has to tell him! Don’t overdo though!
  8. Background videos without audio, having on-page links, buttons, text, giving way to lighting, and cinematography effects are well suited to explain complex structures in an enthusiastic manner!

While we may be aware of these trends, it takes some time and effort to put them up at the best to get the best of the estore! Are you excited enough to start your next website project or looking for a facelift to the existing website? Ask us now for we assure the best in web facelift services and much more in ecommerce!