What you can do with Square for WooCommerce
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Square is the POS system available for free downloading in Google Play or App Store & could be run on mobiles and tablets for digital receipts, reports of sales, inventory checks and much more, small, medium and large sized businesses.

Square integration with Woocommerce today is believed as a huge omnichannel business very useful & necessary in the retail sector! While Woocommerce is a great one stop shop for selling anything anywhere online or offline; but there’s something more being looked forward to by the people, that is, a system that syncs mobile, store inventory and desktop estore. How does this integration benefit the purpose?

  • Tracking in-store and online payments in one single place is easy with Square where accepting & processing payments on Woocommerce estore is very much possible today; credit cards are accepted too. Taking payments for online and offline store can happen in a single shot!
  • Synchronizing product library into Square POS is quite easy for online selling with Woocommerce thereby you save the time of explicitly taking time to put in the items! SKUs, images, product description or details, product pages or anything you set up in Woocommerce or Square is updated in the other by a simple step “Initiate a Manual Sync”.
  • Checking out on online and offline store for regular stock check can be quite tedious for businesses. Manual inventory tracking is time and expense consuming. Now with this integration, inventory sync automatically happens in both stores with every product update in any of the 2 stores. Accidental out-of-stock-product addition for buy then an embarrassing message “No stock” is no more a case!
  • Tracking sales in 2 separate lanes can be quite challenging in terms of time and effort. With the integration now, sales dashboard on Square lets you track all the sales channels uniformly, immediately and in one place!

How do you get these benefits? Have Woocommerce? Just go to Integration and Connect with Sqaure! You may check more here.

For troubles in applying the extension, you may logon with support.

Idea board for Square is an amazing space where you logon ideas you think may benefit this juncture!

Are you a businessman quite excited with the read? Happy serving you. For the estore creation using WordPress or for Woocommerce support or for the interesting & useful Square-Woocommerce integration or for any services online for ecommerce, ask us right now!