10 Web Design Trends to definitely ignore
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Evolution of Web design right from 1990 has shown us a lot of trends and today website giants like Amazon just know what works the best in website trends & do use it to their benefits! So what should you ignore in web design trends?

  • Loading screens in home pages are too slow for a site to begin with. Smartphones being the highest point of entry of a visitor onto a website, loading screens could leave the site with slower loads, weaker hardware, slowness due to limited data plans and overall a poor web performance. Ignore loading screens!
  • Among the website trends to ignore, mobile popups are the next in queue. While marketers may think they do good, users comment they do more harm than good. They eat up the whole screen space, wait for everything else to load causing interruption to read on the main web content already loaded. While you may need to use them, try ways to put them less intrusively!
  • Parallax and scrolling modes of the pages when overdone is a big headache to the users. Even if used, it’s not for the mobiles but for desktops only! Using lightweight codes is a must even when used on desktops so you don’t stand out giving a sorry figure to the people!
  • Auto play media files on home pages are the most annoying to the users because to the multitasking users it’s a distractor or something that forces them to do something & they definitely wouldn’t end up doing it rather they do hit the back button & get flushed out of the site!
  • To manage the less space for navigation menus in small screens, mobile designers took up to hidden menus; this is a very bad idea as it creates a bad impression to the user who has to click an extra time to view every other page. It’s good to keep away from such designs!
  • Bid a bye to Mobile version of websites! They are not received as much as the responsive websites are! Responsive designs provide the best layout and the ultimately optimized experience!
  • Heavy texts on websites is no more an interest to the people! Cut down the text and resort to interactive images or smart art form of messages!
  • SEO copywriting is something to be given a farewell. Use the right content on messages, copywriting to be used to build up the brand and not focus on SEO exclusively!
  • Old pay per click is not received anymore. Focus on contextual advertising, targeted ads and online content specific to intended users!
  • The technological giant Apple favours flat UI instead of skeuomorphism; keeping away from gradients and using cleaner simpler designs are received today!

It’s high time you bid bye-bye to these design trends and incorporate the trends a pro-business would do today! If you require assistance in such web facelift services, ask us now for you are assured the best!