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4 Email Marketing Practices Required for High-Performing eCommerce Stores

The basic goal of any email marketing campaign is to drive traffic to your online store. Regardless, how well is your email design, the success of the campaign depends on how frequently your subscribers click through the email and come to the destination you want them to reach.

Most of the eCommerce merchants are facing the problem of traffic from their email marketing campaigns. If you are one of them, the below mentioned email marketing campaign practices can help you in growing the conversion rate of your eCommerce stores.

Check Readability

According to a study, the attention span of an adult human is only 8 seconds. If you are successful in grabbing the attention of the people within these 8 seconds then there is a high possibility of driving more traffic.

Writing long text without enough white space is not at all preferable these days. People don’t have so much of time to read your emails word to word. Write crisp and precise content in your email with attractive images and videos to draw them directly to the CTA.

Provide Relevant Information

Your subscribers are likely to open your emails if they find them useful and providing some value to their life. Irrelevant emails get deleted and all the expense of running an email campaign goes in vain.

All your subscribers may differ in age, gender, location, etc. Moreover, they may be all in a different stage of buyers’ journey. Drafting and sending the same email to all of them doesn’t make any sense, right?

So, just ensure that you bifurcate different subscribers in groups as per your business logic and design a customized email for each group.

Stay Consistent

Your subscribers might have visited your social media page and website before they receive your email. Thus, it becomes important that your email design is consistent with the design of your website or social media page and represents your brand in a professional manner.

This also ensures your subscribers that the email has been sent by your company or brand and creates a trust in their mind. This makes your subscribers feel safe to click through your email. Nobody wants to open and click through the email from an unknown company.

Responsive Email

Do you know 44.7% of emails are being read using mobile devices? Is your email design responsive? If no, then you better get it done because if your email design looks awkward on mobile devices, there is 100% possibility of your email not being read.

Your email should be properly viewable across all platforms and devices to ensure high click-through rate.

Email Marketing – An Effective Channel to Promote your Online Store

Who says Email marketing is an outdated way to promote a business? On the contrary, many marketers depend on email marketing campaigns to promote their business.

But, if you are not designing your email marketing campaigns with the purpose of maximum conversions, you might be missing out many opportunities in terms of high sales and growth of your online store.

So, whether you are designing an email campaign for a new product launch or to recover the abandoned carts, ensure that it follows these 4 practices.