Social Media Marketing for Increasing Email Subscribers

Any marketer who has generated leads out of email marketing very well knows that bigger subscriber list plays a major role in achieving success in email campaigns.

The more people you send promotional emails, the better chances are to generate leads. There are many ways to increase the list of email subscribers, but social media marketing is one of the most powerful ones.

Let’s go through some incredible ways to build email lists using social media marketing –

Facebook Business Page

The Facebook business page is something which has become mandatory in today’s competitive scenario. Facebook has millions of users and it has become significant to advertise your business on Facebook.

Create an attractive signup button and place it on your Facebook business page. Inform your audience about the value you would be providing if they sign up for your newsletter.

Get a Facebook Business Page designed if you haven’t as that would be the best option to keep your audiences informed about the latest updates and collect maximum leads.

Exclusive Content

You can ask the viewers of your social media updates to provide their email addresses in lieu of exclusive content. For example, while providing a detailed content on how to use a niche product you are selling, you can collect the email address before the users can open the link, video, whitepapers, ebooks, etc., containing that content.

Ensure that the content adds some value or is interesting for the users otherwise they would never share their email ids.

Facebook Ads

Get exclusive Facebook advertisements created and posted to grab the attention of the right audience at the right time. On clicking the Facebook advertisement, the users are taken to the landing page and asked for the email address to subscribe to the newsletter.
Let your audience know about the benefits they would be availing if they subscribe to the newsletter. This can be a great opportunity to grab the reach the targeted audience at regular intervals.

Introducing Contests & Freebies

Contests and freebies are loved by everyone. Advertise new contests and giveaways on your social media accounts to attract the attention of your audience. Promote that you are giving away free gift on winning or participating in a contest which requires entering email id to participate.

Ensure that the design, text, and video you post for introducing the contests and freebies is appealing to the audience otherwise you may not achieve the expected results. Also, let the audience know that entering the contests would make them entitled to receive your newsletters at regular intervals.

Displaying Past Newsletters

The best way to encourage more and more subscriptions is to show your audience that what they are missing by not subscribing. Post your past newsletters on social media platforms and attract the users to subscribe to the newsletters containing exciting information.

Social Media Marketing for Generating Email Leads

Social media marketing can be of great help for increasing email subscribers if used correctly.

Increased email subscribers can definitely take your business to next level in terms of conversions and ROI.

So, if you want to increase your email subscribers, you really need to include these incredible ways in your next social media marketing strategy.