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Social Media Marketing for Increasing Email Subscribers

5 Incredible Ways to Build Email Lists Using Social Media Marketing

Any marketer who has generated leads out of email marketing very well knows that bigger subscriber list plays a major role in achieving success in email campaigns.

The more people you send promotional emails, the better chances are to generate leads. There are many ways to increase the list of email subscribers, but social media marketing is one of the most powerful ones.

Let’s go through some incredible ways to build email lists using social media marketing –

Facebook Business Page

The Facebook business page is something which has become mandatory in today’s competitive scenario. Facebook has millions of users and it has become significant to advertise your business on Facebook.

Create an attractive signup button and place it on your Facebook business page. Inform your audience about the value you would be providing if they sign up for your newsletter.

Get a Facebook Business Page designed if you haven’t as that would be the best option to keep your audiences informed about the latest updates and collect maximum leads.

Exclusive Content

You can ask the viewers of your social media updates to provide their email addresses in lieu of exclusive content. For example, while providing a detailed content on how to use a niche product you are selling, you can collect the email address before the users can open the link, video, whitepapers, ebooks, etc., containing that content.

Ensure that the content adds some value or is interesting for the users otherwise they would never share their email ids.

Facebook Ads

Get exclusive Facebook advertisements created and posted to grab the attention of the right audience at the right time. On clicking the Facebook advertisement, the users are taken to the landing page and asked for the email address to subscribe to the newsletter.
Let your audience know about the benefits they would be availing if they subscribe to the newsletter. This can be a great opportunity to grab the reach the targeted audience at regular intervals.

Introducing Contests & Freebies

Contests and freebies are loved by everyone. Advertise new contests and giveaways on your social media accounts to attract the attention of your audience. Promote that you are giving away free gift on winning or participating in a contest which requires entering email id to participate.

Ensure that the design, text, and video you post for introducing the contests and freebies is appealing to the audience otherwise you may not achieve the expected results. Also, let the audience know that entering the contests would make them entitled to receive your newsletters at regular intervals.

Displaying Past Newsletters

The best way to encourage more and more subscriptions is to show your audience that what they are missing by not subscribing. Post your past newsletters on social media platforms and attract the users to subscribe to the newsletters containing exciting information.

Social Media Marketing for Generating Email Leads

Social media marketing can be of great help for increasing email subscribers if used correctly.

Increased email subscribers can definitely take your business to next level in terms of conversions and ROI.

So, if you want to increase your email subscribers, you really need to include these incredible ways in your next social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

8 Steps to Launch a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

There are around 2.80 billion active social media users globally!!!

Facebook generated around $9 million revenue in Q2 2017!!!

70% of the U.S. population has at least one social networking profile!!!

I think these facts should be more than enough to include social media in your digital marketing strategy.

But, not all social media marketers achieve success in their social media marketing campaigns. Here, we will review the 8 steps which can be a sure fire way to make your social media campaign a successful endeavor.

Analyze and Review the Insights

There are various tools which can analyze how your target audience reacts to the content posted by you on social media platforms. You get answers to various questions like –

When should you post the content?

Which social media platform gets you maximum visits?

What type of content your target audience is looking for?

And much more…..

Get answers to these questions through different tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Instagram Analytics Tools, etc., and post the the right content at right place at right time.

Understanding Target Audience

To make your social media marketing successful, you need to understand your target audience first. Post fresh and updated content your target audience is looking for. The motive of your content should not only to sell products but it should be knowledgeable and entertaining enough to engage your target audience.

Plan a social media strategy which has crisp content with an appropriate call to action helping you to attract maximum visitors to your website.C

Focus on the Right Social Media Platform

You cannot leave any stone unturned, so need to market on maximum social media platforms but focusing more on the platform which gets you maximum views and traffic would be a wise decision.

If you are trying to sell accounting services, then you can focus more on Linkedin, whereas if you want to sell fashion accessories for girls, you need to focus on Instagram.

Do your research well and get to know which social media platform would be just right for your business having your target audience as active users.

Create Unforgettable Content

Create content which your target audience can relate to. People usually ignore and forget the content they do not find interesting. Add attractive elements to your content like photos, videos, infographics, etc., to your content and make it easy to read and grasp for your target audience.

Establish your brand recognition through the content you post on social media platforms. Also, analyze the content posted by your competitors and get to know what exactly can engage your audience to create effective content yielding results.

Concentrate on your Objectives

Social media marketing can increase your brand awareness. Though, it is understood that the primary goal of any business is to generate revenue which is quite challenging through social media alone. But, of course, social media plays a major role in improving traffic to your business website which ultimately leads you towards higher profits and revenue generation.

Just concentrate on your objectives of maximizing brand awareness, audience engagement, improving traffic through social media and you would automatically achieve your revenue generation goals.

Provide Excellent Visitor Experience

Whether your motive is to attract visitors to your Facebook page or website, ensure that you have a professional design with effective content on those pages in order to provide excellent visitor experience.

If the look and feel of your social networking profile and website is not good, all your social media marketing efforts can be a waste. Driving traffic and then not giving them a pleasant experience, can prove to be an expensive affair for your business.

Moreover, most of the social media users use mobile devices for social networking. Ensure that your website should be responsive in order to provide excellent browsing experience to your visitors.

Include Influencer Marketing

The rise of social media influencer marketing has opened the world of new possibilities these days.

People are likely to purchase a product if it is recommended by a renowned personality or group of people. Try to get maximum reviews about your products or services posted on your social media pages and get the most out of your social media marketing campaign.

Rely on Social Media Marketing Agency

Many times it is not possible to perform social media marketing tasks well in-house as it may not be your forte.

Hiring a qualified social media marketing agency would be a smart option as they are very well aware of the latest trends and tools required to make your campaign successful.

Just ensure that the social media marketing agency you hire very well understands your brand, type of products or services you offer and your target audience.

Social Media Marketing: Adapting New Trends

Last but not the least, social media marketing is all about staying updated with new trends and executing them in the most effective manner quickly.

Your social media marketing strategy can never be final. You need to keep on analyzing, identifying and researching to introduce new changes to launch a successful social media marketing campaign.