SEO Tactics

Generally, SEO is thought after the website is built. There are many tasks like capturing and selecting photographs, design structure, videos, functionality, etc., which need to be done to make the website online. SEO is ignored while building a website. Why? Just because it is believed that SEO strategy gets executed only after the website is ready.

If you consider the below mentioned important SEO tips while building a website, you can prevent a lot of duplication in efforts. Moreover, an SEO friendly website design would benefit you in terms of high ranking and relevant traffic.


Organized Content

Content hierarchy is very important for a business website to be successful. The website content should be organized in a manner so that it becomes easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Plan the hierarchy of the content in advance and ensure relevancy of each and every topic and subtopic. Ensure that the content of each and every page is focusing on a particular topic.

Google prefers the website having quality and relevant content liked by users for high ranking in SERPs.

Quick Loading Site

Users would probably abandon a website which loads too slowly. They can immediately move to your competitors’ websites searching for what they require.

This is the reason, why Google prefers website which loads quickly. Before building a website, you need to keep this in mind to ensure that your website achieves ranking in SERPs.

Mobile Friendly

Google is very soon going to introduce mobile-first index algorithm. The web pages which get ranked in SERPs should be mobile-friendly. Being mobile-friendly for a website has become a ranking factor in Google.

Instead of designing a website and after that converting to a responsive website, why not design a responsive website on an initial basis? That would save a lot of your time, money and resources.

Schema Markup

Schema markup doesn’t help you to achieve ranking in search engines, it helps you display your content in search results in a systematic manner.

Schema markup, when applied to information like address, phone numbers, reviews, etc., type of information, can help to display those details in a structured form. This helps in improving traffic and CTR of your website.


Links pointing to your web pages is still a very important criterion of ranking your website in top SERPs. While building your website, ensure that the web pages interlink with each other in a natural and logical way.

Complex navigation can really make difficult for important web pages to rank in SERPs.

SEO Friendly URLs

Easy to read and understand with no special characters are preferred by users and search engines both.

This factor needs to be taken care of while building the website itself. Because afterward, if you change the URLs, there is a lot of hassle of URL redirection and ensuring that there are no broken links within the website.

How to Ensure SEO Tactics Are Applied While Building a Website

Web designers are developers necessarily don’t have the knowledge of latest SEO techniques and how to use them for the benefit of the business.

If you are thinking of building a website or redesigning your old website, ensure that the team working on it leaves enough room for SEO techniques to apply.