Website Performance

5 Website Performance Factors Affecting Traffic and Conversions

As per a recent statistical report, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Website performance plays a major role in providing the best user experience which can improve traffic and conversions.

So, here we go with some website performance issues if taken care of can work wonders for your website in terms of ranking, traffic and ultimately conversions.

Website Availability

Ensure that all pages of your website are available when accessed by users. A 404 error on your website would not hinder your ranking but will obviously make a lot of difference to the conversions.

If your server goes down or website has too many broken links, you can miss out on many opportunities. Just do your best to avoid such situations. Make sure that you have redirected broken links to appropriate links on your website to give your users a smooth browsing experience.

Website Speed

As per Google, the website loading faster is likely to rank higher than the website loading slowly. Moreover, your customers can move to your competitors’ websites if your website doesn’t get loaded quickly.

You can retain your website only if you minimize your website loading time.

Website Navigation

Your website navigation plays a major role in providing the best user experience. The visitors coming to your website expect to find what they are looking for quickly. Just don’t keep your navigation structure complicated.

Also, your navigation structure helps search engine spiders to crawl your website and thus it should be ensured that it is simple and easy to move around the website.

High Performing Mobile Website

These days most of the websites are being browsed by mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly then you might be losing out on many opportunities.

Just ensure that your website is loads quicker and is best viewable on the different type of mobile devices. You never know which mobile device your customer is using to browse your website and so get your website converted to responsive to look good across all platforms and devices.

Perfect Content Presentation

The content on your website should be presented in a correct manner. For example, you have embedded a video on your website but it is no longer available. In that case, just remove that embedded video or replace it with some other form of content which is relevant and available.

The broken content on your website would increase the bounce rate and all other digital marketing efforts which are driving traffic to your website can be a waste.

Improving Website Performance – How Can That Help Your Business?

Though all the above factors cannot restrict search engine rankings and traffic but can have a great impact on user experience and conversions. Any SEO company can get you high search engine rankings and traffic but if those visitors don’t convert to your customers, your investment in terms of time and money gets wasted.

To yield maximum benefit out of your SEO and digital marketing strategy, you need to ensure that you take care of your website performance too which usually gets neglected.

4 Digital Marketing Trends Worth Considering in 2018

The prime goal of any digital marketing strategy is to generate leads. Are you generating enough leads using your current digital marketing strategy?

If no, then you need to go through the below mentioned digital marketing trends. And even if the answer is yes, these trends might help you in pushing your marketing efforts further.

Balancing User Experience with SEO

These days having a website which balances user experience and SEO is considered competent enough to grab the attention of the visitors. Google also gives preference to the websites ensuring high-level user experience.

To leverage great user experience you need to have a proper blend of content with graphics like images, videos, etc. Moreover, long write up on the web page can overwhelm your visitors. Instead, you can use bullet points and relevant images in between to enhance user experience. Basically, you need to make your website look good across all platforms and devices as you never know the medium your customers are using. For that, you can get your website converted to responsive.

Basically, the motto of your web page should be to convey the right message to your viewers. A right combination of colors, graphics and text can help you win the game of conversions.

Attending to Micro Moments

When we are talking about 2018, everything is at our finger-tips. Using mobile apps, we can have access to the information about where our customer is located, what are their interests and other information conveying their buying behavior.

Using this information for the benefit of your business, can be challenging. Recommending them products, helping them through live chat, are all the examples of attending to the micro-moments.

How about reaching out the customers with the recommendations while they are looking for the products or services you are selling? Yes, you just got it right. This can just attract the customers who make quick purchase decisions.

One of the best ways to catch these micro-moments would be through live chat. So, if you don’t have live chat integration done on your website, get that done as soon as possible. 2018 would be the year when your customers would look for instant assistance which can be done through live chat in a perfect manner.

Effective Content Development

The consumers of today expect clarity and realistic thoughts depicted in your content. They are very smart and can never fall into sales gimmicks these days. Ensure that your website content is meaningful and leverages the right message to your audience.

With the blend of right words and relevant images, you can represent your brand in such a manner that your prospects get connected with your business and stay engaged for a longer period of time.

Step Into The Shoes of your Customers

Have you ever thought the way your customers think? If not, then you should really consider their perspectives.

Your customers are now making buying decisions on the go. For example, they buy shoes while waiting for a train or bus. You just need to ensure that buying products or services from your online store should be as seamless as possible.

Staying Updated With Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Understanding your industry’s marketing landscape and how your competition plans to market in 2018 will help you develop an effective plan that ensures your brand maintains a presence on the same channels as your competitors – and gives you the insight to a market where they’re not, adding a competitive edge to your strategy. To do this, your marketing team need to answer these three questions:

For executing a successful digital marketing strategy in 2018, you need to stay updated with the latest trends and the way your competitors are marketing their business. An effective digital marketing plan becomes imperative as that would give a strong online presence to your brand and help your business to prosper.

To get this done, just ensure your marketing team is ready with a proper digital marketing plan including SEO, PPC, and social media optimization. And if you are looking for a digital marketing team ready with all the tactics required to be successful in your business endeavors, get in touch with us.

SEO Tactics

6 Important SEO Tactics to Consider While Building a Website

Generally, SEO is thought after the website is built. There are many tasks like capturing and selecting photographs, design structure, videos, functionality, etc., which need to be done to make the website online. SEO is ignored while building a website. Why? Just because it is believed that SEO strategy gets executed only after the website is ready.

If you consider the below mentioned important SEO tips while building a website, you can prevent a lot of duplication in efforts. Moreover, an SEO friendly website design would benefit you in terms of high ranking and relevant traffic.


Organized Content

Content hierarchy is very important for a business website to be successful. The website content should be organized in a manner so that it becomes easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Plan the hierarchy of the content in advance and ensure relevancy of each and every topic and subtopic. Ensure that the content of each and every page is focusing on a particular topic.

Google prefers the website having quality and relevant content liked by users for high ranking in SERPs.

Quick Loading Site

Users would probably abandon a website which loads too slowly. They can immediately move to your competitors’ websites searching for what they require.

This is the reason, why Google prefers website which loads quickly. Before building a website, you need to keep this in mind to ensure that your website achieves ranking in SERPs.

Mobile Friendly

Google is very soon going to introduce mobile-first index algorithm. The web pages which get ranked in SERPs should be mobile-friendly. Being mobile-friendly for a website has become a ranking factor in Google.

Instead of designing a website and after that converting to a responsive website, why not design a responsive website on an initial basis? That would save a lot of your time, money and resources.

Schema Markup

Schema markup doesn’t help you to achieve ranking in search engines, it helps you display your content in search results in a systematic manner.

Schema markup, when applied to information like address, phone numbers, reviews, etc., type of information, can help to display those details in a structured form. This helps in improving traffic and CTR of your website.


Links pointing to your web pages is still a very important criterion of ranking your website in top SERPs. While building your website, ensure that the web pages interlink with each other in a natural and logical way.

Complex navigation can really make difficult for important web pages to rank in SERPs.

SEO Friendly URLs

Easy to read and understand with no special characters are preferred by users and search engines both.

This factor needs to be taken care of while building the website itself. Because afterward, if you change the URLs, there is a lot of hassle of URL redirection and ensuring that there are no broken links within the website.

How to Ensure SEO Tactics Are Applied While Building a Website

Web designers are developers necessarily don’t have the knowledge of latest SEO techniques and how to use them for the benefit of the business.

If you are thinking of building a website or redesigning your old website, ensure that the team working on it leaves enough room for SEO techniques to apply.

SEO Trends 2018

Top 6 SEO Trends 2018 – The Future of Search Engine Optimization

SEO trends keep on evolving on a regular basis. The search engine optimization strategy working a year back may not work today and the one working today may not be work after 6 months. So, the digital marketers always need to be on their toes when it comes to analysing upcoming SEO trends and executing them before their competitors do that.

Not only search engine algorithm changes but the way people search also keeps on changing. For example – People have started using voice search to get quick results.

In that case, if you don’t upgrade your SEO strategy, you might find your business website not ranking in top 10 results or maybe getting penalized by Google for using old traditional spammed ways to gain ranking.

But, the question may be arising in your mind that what techniques should be used to make the website ready as per SEO trends for 2018.

Here we have listed out top 6 SEO trends for 2018, which if implemented correctly can help you in gaining accelerated search engine ranking in this era of cutting-edge competition –

Increased Use of Voice Search

As mentioned earlier, the way people search is changing. You can now speak out your search queries. Whether you are looking out for a food joint or want to know the current weather, all you need is to speak out what you are looking for.

It has become extremely convenient to use voice search these days as you can speak quicker than you type. Also, while driving or traveling somewhere, it becomes easy to perform a voice search.

Use below mentioned ways to answer voice search correctly –

  • Include long-tail keywords in your website content.
  • Use words like best, nearest, etc., as suffixes in your content
  • Add FAQs to your website and include questions usually asked by people and answers to those questions in your content.
  • Ensure that your website is responsive.

Getting Listed in Quick Answers

You might have noticed that Google highlights small snippets of the information above the organic search results. The users don’t have to click on the link to access the information. Google extracts a piece of information from your website displays it as a featured text.

To rank, your website in this prime section of SERPs, on-page and off-page content optimization should be done in an effective manner. Ensure that your website includes high-quality incoming links and is mobile friendly.

Local Search Gaining Importance

In past 12 months, the searches that include the phrase “near me” has almost doubled. With the accelerated use of mobile for searching places and other queries, the local search has gained ultimate importance.

The statistics show that – in the past year, the number of local based food and beverage mobile searches have increased by 40%.

Thus, you need to optimize your website for mobile search and include keywords pertaining to local search in your web content.

Search Engines Emphasizes on In-Depth and Engaging Content

The content pages which are longer and have included interactive content like images, GIFs, Videos, etc., are gaining high ranking these days. The reason behind that is – users like content which provides in-depth information and is attractive at the same time.

How would you feel, if an article comes across your way which is full of text and no images at all? Of course, you will get bored by reading that content. The content with images and videos gives a pleasant experience to the readers and increases the interest within them to read other blog posts on that same website.

So, just ensure that your blog posts are interesting with attractive elements which can keep your audience engaged to gain higher ranking in SERPs.

Branding Becomes Extremely Important

Executing a successful branding strategy has become an important tactic to be included in your SEO strategy of 2018. When a brand becomes recognized by people, they are likely to purchase their products and services.
Effective social media optimization can help you in strengthening your brand awareness, ultimately helping you to gain high ranking in SERPs as and when your brand name is searched for.

For more details on branding, you can go through these 5 Essential Steps to Create a Successful Branding Strategy and gain the advantage over your competitors.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a framework which helps websites to load faster on mobile devices.

39% of people use their Smartphones to search every day. So, obviously, your potential customers are going to browse your website on their mobile devices and if it takes time in loading, you may, unfortunately, lose valuable customers.

Just implement AMP to your website, as that will not only help you in gaining ranking on search engines but also retain your customers on a long-term basis.

Embracing Latest SEO Trends 2018

2017 is just about to end and if you want to succeed in gaining search engine ranking in 2018 and beyond, say goodbye to traditional SEO trends which are not going to help you anymore.

Few facts revealed that 18% of web pages that rank #1 in SERPs doesn’t include keywords anywhere in the body text.

So, no more stuffing your web page with keywords is required. Just ensure that your website is mobile friendly and has in-depth content appealing to users. Just think beyond traditional SEO techniques and embrace latest SEO trends 2018.

SEO trends

6 SEO trends, not to miss!

When you approach, the search engine changes, as an SEO professional, you’re sure to generate more organic traffic, attracting the digital world of today with no trouble and build your brand further. Don’t be surprised to know blogging generates the highest amount of traffic and SEO falls in the next place! Building a great web design, publishing high profile unique content and putting all good practices in the website development, as in, link building, apt meta descriptions and anchor texts, you can be sure you are on the right path! Let’s take a look at a few important SEO trends to keep track of in 2017.

  • Mobiles continue to be gaining more importance compared to desktops ever since 2015. Google heavily penalizes those sites that aren’t mobile friendly. Listening to digital inclination of the world, Google says it would give more importance to mobile indexing, which signals us, that as businessmen, it’s high time we start working on better mobile-first strategies in SEO, for higher ranking in SERPs; web page speed, responsive web design and more come into prominence.
  • User friendly designs are the next prime focus of google algorithms! Websites should be easy to search all over, have clean and crisp content, unique information, easy navigation, simple web design, and fast web page speed for the best user experience on the site. These are seen more important than internal and external linking!
  • Accelerated mobile page is the next banging trend in SEO today; a faster and better mobile journey for all.AMP is doing the web development in such a way the static content loads faster; publishers can instantly load the once-created mobile optimised content everywhere else. The protocols with very few changes can cause your web page speed to go 3-4 higher using 7-8 times lesser internet data; AMP HTML, HTML restricted code, a few custom elements and java components !
  • Targeting single keyword for ranking high in SERPs is no longer the google way! Beware. What Google brings out in its results are those websites that have created a mark in social media and those brands that have built a visibility in media. Keeping your main keyword in the title or meta description alone isn’t enough; user friendliness matters! It’s important you understand how SEO should be done for a site that’s purely looking to sell products and one that’s looking to share in-depth information to users on an item; insights from a few data collection surveys have proved that, the keyword users put in, directly determine the exact result that’s fetched by google; when you say “the best photo shop”, google brings out those sites offering details on whats offered by those photoshops termed as the best and those sites showing some media files on how to choose the best photoshop; when you say “get the best photo shop service”, google brings out those sites offering the best services! Hope you note down these nuance key points in SEO strategies targeting enhancement of SEO keywords.
  • Creating powerful content is extremely important in SEO. Target conversational keywords and search terms when you build content in web development. When the existing retail giants are already grabbing the top most searched words, it’s necessary you start focusing on how to use long tailed keywords encompassing the main search term, to gain a better position!
  • Connecting to social media is no more an option but a mandate in google algorithm! Haven’t built your social integration strategy yet? Wake up! Building a great social connect is a reflection of being the most powerful in your subject and projecting your brand to the people in a way they want to listen to; when people listen to you, Google listens to you! Bring out the perfect balance between social signals, rankings and linking. This is going to give you great consistent results in a long term though not immediate.
  • Content marketing strategy in SEO should be in such a way that links come to you and not you chase them; links are to be earned and not built. What we mean by earning backlinks is the fact that some writer chooses your website link in his or her post; you’ve earned the link here. Google is already on separating those sites with earned links and those that deliberately have built links; it’s high time you start building great content for SEO campaigns. You may want to take a look at broken links building ways here too.
  • Build better SEO descriptions and meta tags. Have the description in 135-160 characters, keep them in active voice, don’t miss to include a CTA link, focus on content structure and keywords, and make it unique. Check morehere.
  • Image optimising is again something you can’t miss to include in the SEO strategy. Check out the topimage optimization tips here.

Well, that’s a good amount of detail onSEO trends, every high-rank aspirer in business and eCommerce should doubtlessly keep track of! Should you require assistance inSEO services or more in eCommerce,ask our experts now!

Crucial connection between SEO and User Experience UX Design

Search algorithms of Google are intended to give the best possible results to the users; the huge amount of rolling and revolving around the SERP rules that they do are all made upon thinking in the user stand point. Everything that’s written has to have the best link with the users if not for whom are they written! Should SEO (search engine optimization) and UX be linked in website development has always been a debate but needless to say it is ‘yes’ that wins!

SEO determines if a site ranks among the search engine result pages and UX defines if the users hitting the search are getting the best quality results. If the content scrutinized for top pages by the search engines is great then quite obviously the users are going to get excellent results in the first 1-2 pages of search results. There might a few instances when they don’t go hand in hand but for sure there’s a huge connect between them.

How can top UX methods indirectly benefit for the SEO?

  • Navigation ease: Navigations and XML sitemaps when taken an utmost care for both UX and SEO, we end up getting the direct and indirect benefits of SEO. Proper indexing and easy spot by bots is made sure by site maps and this of course adds to the UX. Site maps also transform the website easier to follow such that users can reach any web page within 4 clicks or even lesser and this is a great ease for the users to get to where they want; and Google indexes the content easily as well.
  • Relevant content: Content for UX has to suffice the requirement of what Google sees as a relevant content. 3 main aspects of a quality content Google quotes are here below,

    — Time metrics: Google has metrics to check if the user that clicks on a result stays there or hits the back; this shows if the content is engaging the user or not.
    — Panda updates: Human evaluations along with algorithmic evaluations are taken up in Panda updates so as to ascertain the user need out of a quality site. Make sure your site suffices most of the Panda requirements
    — Links: Strong link connections to and from authoritative sites sharing the same details as your site does are taken up as strong signals of a quality website, by Google. Make sure you do the best link building

  • Responsive design: Mobile optimization is a major SEO aspect today which is considered one of the mandate requirements of Google ranking criteria as well. Making responsive websites that fit great on a desktop as well as on a hand held device is no more a luxury but a necessity.

A content that’s great in quality, earning UX benefits indirectly is that which is going to give the combined SEO and UX success. Looking for such an expertise web designer to optimize your website/face lift in all the ecommerce aspects, feel free to reach out to us!

8 Biggest SEO Mistakes to avoid

8 Biggest SEO Mistakes to avoid

Growth from a SEO novice to an SEO pro isn’t quite easy and does take a few years; keeping in mind the rules of SEO are continuously getting modified. What are some common mistakes that you are prone to do and you should be avoiding?

  • Same strategies don’t work every time: Using the same method might just not work one fine time; this doesn’t mean we keep checking on it, but then it’s better we find something new. SEO is an investment that requires a constant update/change/monitoring and is not a one-time cost; if of course gives the best at the end of its perfect implementation. Keeping in pace with the growing digital system, investing in the right analytics and following the changing SERP guidelines is necessary!
  • Denial does help: Taking up the responsibility of faults is different but then when you know better on SEO guidelines and objectives on what needs to be fixed or what is okay as it is, ensuring a proper data analysis is carried out to investigate what’s broken is important!
  • Focused efforts needed: Just investing efforts in page ranking based on easy SEO keywords isn’t enough if you are targeting good revenue. The right amount of effort is required in choosing the right keywords that yield a bigger return. Not just that, grooming the social media profile, backlink, sharing option, images, product descriptions, security, the responsiveness of the site and all related matter!
  • Tweak the contract if needed: In view of giving the best services delivered to the customer, the SEO agreements mentioned in the contract may need to be overridden to get them fit the site needs. At the same time, it might be even required to work on certain aspects of SEO when it is not mentioned in the contract, if it is requested by the client. Be sure to accommodate!
  • Don’t wait to ask! If the SEO tactics implemented doesn’t yield the required results then it just means we are lacking somewhere. Sticking to same old concepts without having an idea of why it is failing is just foolish. If you don’t see your pages ranking in SEP page rank, don’t wait to ask for help!
  • Shortcuts are just okay: Over optimizing might lead to unnecessary penalties. Flooding the code with keywords, using illegal back links or any other attempt is carried out that is not genuine, it finally goes futile. Watch out!
  • Search engines see buying backlinks as a rule violation or spamming for an obvious reason; if search engines rank a site high and that site has useless back links and unrelated information, the search engine goes bad in views!
  • Make sure you don’t insert keywords just for the sake of search engines when they don’t really fit into the context. Long keywords very specific to the context yield conversions.
  • Tricking search engines just puts you in the trap. Don’t do it!
  • Don’t take the clients light: Securing current clients costs less and leads to getting new ones when you make the current ones happy. Preserve the existing clients; do the needful!
  • Don’t cease to learn: Search engine rules and SEO techniques are subject to continuous changes. Keep up to date in knowing them. Never stop to check upon them or to do the required learning!

Knowing the SEO tactics in website development/ web design for better web page speeds, using the right SEO keywords and SEO Description, content and image optimizing, using the right backlinks, using responsive web designs, you certainly require an expert help to get these implemented rightly. If you are looking for one, give us a shout!

SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Designs

SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Designs

SEO (search engine optimization) and web search in tablets had been the talk of a lot of businessmen a few years back because to reach maximum number of customers it had become an absolute necessity to make hand-held-device-compatible websites. Responsive web designs have been marked as the best to achieve this for it remarkably transforms any website based on the device in which it is being viewed. Multi platform usability has gradually helped towards search engine optimization thus taking it to the level of most favourable design approach for all.

Why responsive website? What are the SEO benefits through responsive websites or what are the advantages in SEO through responsive websites? Read on.

–Love Google? Impress Google then!

Google is the love of all of us, be it as a common man who performs a search or a businessman who designs a website for his firm. To impress Google, it is of course necessary to do what Google loves. Google marks Responsive Web Designs as the best of designs; in addition it adds a high ranking rate to those websites that are mobile optimised sites when presenting the search results. Responsive websites with a single url and a single set of files or pages makes it the easiest for the Google to index context in comparison to those sites having multiple urls with some for desktop and some for mobiles.

–SEO is better with one website one url. Know it!

Stand alone mobile version works well in some cases. When a website features loads of content, scrolling through pages might become tough for users and this is when a mobile site with the content just refined becomes handy. From the SEO perspective, separate campaigns for desktop and mobile can be strenuous. SEO responsive web design is the best solution for the ideal browsing experience on Internet via different devices; this easy content sharing is a huge impact of responsive website on SEO.

–High bounce isn’t what you wouldn’t care!

Mobile sites tend to experience high bounce rates due to the content in them differing too high from the desktop version and when Google notices it then rankings go for a drop for not providing a relevant content to users. Responsive web designs smartly present the desktop content in the mobiles in a functional way where the choice is made within on which to display where and how so the users get what they need in some page or the other so are hooked on to the site.

–An enhanced user experience is what you need, isn’t it?

Responsive web designs give an emphasis to the user needs, as in, content fit on screens, easy navigation and so where the users feel comfortable to use the app/site on hand-held devices.

Needless to say, optimisers are in an urge to consider user experience models like responsive web designs in their strategies of marketing while they target users all over. Having said these, getting the best of service providers to make one such website for you at a reasonable cost is very important so as to get the best web design for you and the best site for the users at you. Feel free to contact QeHTML for the excellence in responsive web designs!