8 Biggest SEO Mistakes to avoid

Growth from a SEO novice to an SEO pro isn’t quite easy and does take a few years; keeping in mind the rules of SEO are continuously getting modified. What are some common mistakes that you are prone to do and you should be avoiding?

  • Same strategies don’t work every time: Using the same method might just not work one fine time; this doesn’t mean we keep checking on it, but then it’s better we find something new. SEO is an investment that requires a constant update/change/monitoring and is not a one-time cost; if of course gives the best at the end of its perfect implementation. Keeping in pace with the growing digital system, investing in the right analytics and following the changing SERP guidelines is necessary!
  • Denial does help: Taking up the responsibility of faults is different but then when you know better on SEO guidelines and objectives on what needs to be fixed or what is okay as it is, ensuring a proper data analysis is carried out to investigate what’s broken is important!
  • Focused efforts needed: Just investing efforts in page ranking based on easy SEO keywords isn’t enough if you are targeting good revenue. The right amount of effort is required in choosing the right keywords that yield a bigger return. Not just that, grooming the social media profile, backlink, sharing option, images, product descriptions, security, the responsiveness of the site and all related matter!
  • Tweak the contract if needed: In view of giving the best services delivered to the customer, the SEO agreements mentioned in the contract may need to be overridden to get them fit the site needs. At the same time, it might be even required to work on certain aspects of SEO when it is not mentioned in the contract, if it is requested by the client. Be sure to accommodate!
  • Don’t wait to ask! If the SEO tactics implemented doesn’t yield the required results then it just means we are lacking somewhere. Sticking to same old concepts without having an idea of why it is failing is just foolish. If you don’t see your pages ranking in SEP page rank, don’t wait to ask for help!
  • Shortcuts are just okay: Over optimizing might lead to unnecessary penalties. Flooding the code with keywords, using illegal back links or any other attempt is carried out that is not genuine, it finally goes futile. Watch out!
  • Search engines see buying backlinks as a rule violation or spamming for an obvious reason; if search engines rank a site high and that site has useless back links and unrelated information, the search engine goes bad in views!
  • Make sure you don’t insert keywords just for the sake of search engines when they don’t really fit into the context. Long keywords very specific to the context yield conversions.
  • Tricking search engines just puts you in the trap. Don’t do it!
  • Don’t take the clients light: Securing current clients costs less and leads to getting new ones when you make the current ones happy. Preserve the existing clients; do the needful!
  • Don’t cease to learn: Search engine rules and SEO techniques are subject to continuous changes. Keep up to date in knowing them. Never stop to check upon them or to do the required learning!

Knowing the SEO tactics in website development/ web design for better web page speeds, using the right SEO keywords and SEO Description, content and image optimizing, using the right backlinks, using responsive web designs, you certainly require an expert help to get these implemented rightly. If you are looking for one, give us a shout!