SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Designs
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SEO (search engine optimization) and web search in tablets had been the talk of a lot of businessmen a few years back because to reach maximum number of customers it had become an absolute necessity to make hand-held-device-compatible websites. Responsive web designs have been marked as the best to achieve this for it remarkably transforms any website based on the device in which it is being viewed. Multi platform usability has gradually helped towards search engine optimization thus taking it to the level of most favourable design approach for all.

Why responsive website? What are the SEO benefits through responsive websites or what are the advantages in SEO through responsive websites? Read on.

–Love Google? Impress Google then!

Google is the love of all of us, be it as a common man who performs a search or a businessman who designs a website for his firm. To impress Google, it is of course necessary to do what Google loves. Google marks Responsive Web Designs as the best of designs; in addition it adds a high ranking rate to those websites that are mobile optimised sites when presenting the search results. Responsive websites with a single url and a single set of files or pages makes it the easiest for the Google to index context in comparison to those sites having multiple urls with some for desktop and some for mobiles.

–SEO is better with one website one url. Know it!

Stand alone mobile version works well in some cases. When a website features loads of content, scrolling through pages might become tough for users and this is when a mobile site with the content just refined becomes handy. From the SEO perspective, separate campaigns for desktop and mobile can be strenuous. SEO responsive web design is the best solution for the ideal browsing experience on Internet via different devices; this easy content sharing is a huge impact of responsive website on SEO.

–High bounce isn’t what you wouldn’t care!

Mobile sites tend to experience high bounce rates due to the content in them differing too high from the desktop version and when Google notices it then rankings go for a drop for not providing a relevant content to users. Responsive web designs smartly present the desktop content in the mobiles in a functional way where the choice is made within on which to display where and how so the users get what they need in some page or the other so are hooked on to the site.

–An enhanced user experience is what you need, isn’t it?

Responsive web designs give an emphasis to the user needs, as in, content fit on screens, easy navigation and so where the users feel comfortable to use the app/site on hand-held devices.

Needless to say, optimisers are in an urge to consider user experience models like responsive web designs in their strategies of marketing while they target users all over. Having said these, getting the best of service providers to make one such website for you at a reasonable cost is very important so as to get the best web design for you and the best site for the users at you. Feel free to contact QeHTML for the excellence in responsive web designs!