Website Performance

As per a recent statistical report, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Website performance plays a major role in providing the best user experience which can improve traffic and conversions.

So, here we go with some website performance issues if taken care of can work wonders for your website in terms of ranking, traffic and ultimately conversions.

Website Availability

Ensure that all pages of your website are available when accessed by users. A 404 error on your website would not hinder your ranking but will obviously make a lot of difference to the conversions.

If your server goes down or website has too many broken links, you can miss out on many opportunities. Just do your best to avoid such situations. Make sure that you have redirected broken links to appropriate links on your website to give your users a smooth browsing experience.

Website Speed

As per Google, the website loading faster is likely to rank higher than the website loading slowly. Moreover, your customers can move to your competitors’ websites if your website doesn’t get loaded quickly.

You can retain your website only if you minimize your website loading time.

Website Navigation

Your website navigation plays a major role in providing the best user experience. The visitors coming to your website expect to find what they are looking for quickly. Just don’t keep your navigation structure complicated.

Also, your navigation structure helps search engine spiders to crawl your website and thus it should be ensured that it is simple and easy to move around the website.

High Performing Mobile Website

These days most of the websites are being browsed by mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly then you might be losing out on many opportunities.

Just ensure that your website is loads quicker and is best viewable on the different type of mobile devices. You never know which mobile device your customer is using to browse your website and so get your website converted to responsive to look good across all platforms and devices.

Perfect Content Presentation

The content on your website should be presented in a correct manner. For example, you have embedded a video on your website but it is no longer available. In that case, just remove that embedded video or replace it with some other form of content which is relevant and available.

The broken content on your website would increase the bounce rate and all other digital marketing efforts which are driving traffic to your website can be a waste.

Improving Website Performance – How Can That Help Your Business?

Though all the above factors cannot restrict search engine rankings and traffic but can have a great impact on user experience and conversions. Any SEO company can get you high search engine rankings and traffic but if those visitors don’t convert to your customers, your investment in terms of time and money gets wasted.

To yield maximum benefit out of your SEO and digital marketing strategy, you need to ensure that you take care of your website performance too which usually gets neglected.