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Discussions at the level of world summit puts forth the below in short on UX design guidelines: Striving for consistency, catering to all customer usability, offering clear details, clear call to closure, error-free site, making reversal possible for any action, & reducing memory load.

Another book on rules of web design states placing users in control, reducing the memory load and making the design consistent for users as the rules for design of user interface.

In the world of smart phone domination today, website redesigning or website creation must take responsive web design/ mobile friendly website/ user friendly website/ all device compatible website into consideration in order to provide the best mobile UX.

To mention the results consolidated yet in a detailed manner especially for mobile user interface experience, the below 10 provide the content,

  • The design to ensure task-oriented flow and user-centred procedure
  • There requires a good amount of effort in adding a meaning and value to the UX in any web design
  • Leniency to be given to the users to an extent
  • Smaller screens to be used as much as possible so that the user doesn’t have to pinch/zoom to get a clear view of the site
  • Standard patterns to be leveraged. User task to be conveyed clearly, consistency across products is necessary, user interaction to be inform, aesthetic appeal, giving an exploration possibility to the users come under giving a standard interface.
  • Gesture intensive designs, as in, swipe, pinch, or tap are essential to make the mobile designs at the best. Type of action, action location on the screen, and the user ease to access them are the details to be contained in the gesture incorporation
  • Smart motion design which is an attempt to create a visual make of the website synthesizing all principles of a great design with all the possible innovations in science and technology
  • Clear communication in the design; the images and content to depict what you offer and what the user gets from you. A picture is more powerful than the words; images go to a long term memory and the words sit in a short term memory in us; the best visuals to be contained
  • Making sure to invest as ideal as possible on the first time user experience. This is the most important to be taken care, making note of showing the web sections in a cool manner, giving neat & clean directions and making things quick for the user
  • Making sure not to force registrations; allowing guest check outs and rewarding for account creations.

While some of the above rules may sound complex, it all lies in a simple expertise of design principles to achieve them. If you are looking out for non-responsive to responsive conversion services or redesigning mobile UX or perform the web design entirely, ask us at QeHTML for the best experience!