Why your website is the most essential business tool?
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Irrespective of the size of the business, a website is a must; it’s the most indispensible business tool a business cannot avoid having. Coming to how it should be, it’s just not enough with a good look but has a long way to go in terms of the content, content management, navigation, communication window, responsiveness and a lot more. When the internet bloomed 2 decades above, a website sat on basic html, text and a few images; since then it has gone through various developments till today where the internet and technology drives the need of responsive websites owing to the growing use of smart phones/tablets.

How should be a website so it serves as the best outface of the business?

  • Mobile friendly websites refers to a website that looks the best on hand held devices as well, having the right size of single column, navigation-friendly and basic yet effective design. Don’t be surprised to know they are the most favourites for the Google algorithm! Mobile optimized websites are exclusively designed for phones and may mostly redirect you to the desktop version due to the inability to accommodate a lot of features. Responsive web designs/mobile-responsive sites are the best of the above where the site restructures itself to the size and resolution of the device; these are the ones picked up by the search engines!
  • Content and management: It’s with the content people engage in your website. Having the most relevant content, in simple terms, just to the context yet effective and having it regularly updated by way of content management systems is a big criteria for the search engines recognize you
  • Landing pages: Landing page design is one of the most important aspects in website development. They should relate at the best to what your website intends to convey, with the right text, content, images, videos, graphics, to the intended audience and navigation!
  • Customer-centric: Creating a customer centric design is necessary rather than just trying to sell who you are. Make sure your website conveys what you can do for the users
  • SEO: The websites being search engine optimised is yet another necessary design aspect of the web design and drives what your website ranks in SERPs. Having a prominent search button is required; it is the combination of these both that pushes your site to the top most result page. Don’t be shocked to know more than 90% of the users don’t even go to the page 2 of results!
  • Clear strategy and brand-driven: Having a great marketing strategy requires defining feasible long term and short term goals, web designer knowing how to bring them in, and most importantly to convey them in a manner every user can interpret which is very crucial to generate traffic
  • Online marketing: Web marketing like Google Adwords highly target online advertising so the searchers are directly taken to your website. Make sure to have this optimised if not yet done!
  • Call To Action: Directing the users straight and distinctly to the CTA buttons is required so the users get to know how to ask for your services/products.
  • Website redesigning is necessary simply because trends keep changing, user expectations keep rising (is there anything more you need for the reasons to redesign?!) and it’s quite obvious you need to keep in par with the customer needs in terms of how the website looks and what it conveys. Html5/CSS for coding, content management using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, are all some of the basics to be taken care; if you are missing out on them, be alarmed it’s high time you do the redesign.

While you do the best of offline marketing and other forms of business communication, make sure you don’t miss out on having a website which is the inevitable business tool towards the business growth. If you are on a look out for assistance in any of these or more in ecommerce services like responsive conversion, website redesign or more, do contact us at QeHTML!