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Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends Which Cannot Be Ignored In 2018

2018 is about to begin and we all know how quick web design trends upgrade with each coming year. Every year there are changes in the technology and web design tools due to which the design ideas and components quickly get obsolete.

Getting responsive website designed would just not be enough. To stay competitive, it becomes important to keep your website updated as per the latest trends to attract potential customers and ensure consistent growth and revenue in business.

Here we have listed out some web design trends which you may have got introduced to in 2017 itself but are going to dominate web design market in 2018 as well and so cannot be ignored.

Meaningful Illustrations

The Illustration is a great way to visualize your unique ideas. Photography has always been preferred in the form of large hero images and attractive background images. These days illustrations are gradually replacing the photographs as they give a unique personality to your website.

Illustrations get loaded quicker than the photographs. As per Google’s Mobile-First Algorithm, the websites getting loaded faster would provide better user experience and given high preference when search engine ranking is concerned.

Photographs can be edited up to a certain extent only, whereas illustrations can be customized the way you want to. There is lot of scope of explaining even the complex concepts to the website visitors easily through illustrations thus making them highly preferred by website owners, web designers, and digital marketers.

Expressive Typography

Web designers are no more restricted to a particular set of fonts to be used. There are different types of fonts available now one can experiment with and showcase their creativity.

Google is now offering a wide collection of fonts which are free to use. In many instances, the creative typography has started replacing the images even. Similar to illustrations, the text also gets loaded faster and thus improves your entire website loading speed resulting in reduced bounce rate.

Accelerated Speed

As per DoubleClick Study, 53% of visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If you want your websites to generate maximum revenue, you need to ensure that all the elements on the web pages are light weight and get loaded faster.

This doesn’t mean that you should design boring websites missing attractive elements just to increase the speed. All you need to ensure is that the elements whether photos or videos you embed on your website should be placed for the improvement of user experience and not for mere showoff.

Geometrical Layout

These days, the card-based layout is highly popular as most of the people visit websites using their mobile devices. Tile theme is also another geometrical layout which is gaining high popularity.

You must have visited Pinterest and knowing the comfort it provides to the browsers. Similar to that, if your website represents the content in the card-based or tile-based layout it would give any easy access to the visitors.

The websites with familiar geometric layout are likely to achieve increased session time per user and decrease the bounce rate which ultimately leads to the higher conversion rate.

Attractive Colors and Gradients

A few years back, the websites with light and pastel colors were considered to be professional. On the contrary, these days the website designers are using bright and glowing colors and gradients to attract the visitors and keep them engaged.

However, you need to consider your buyers’ persona before selecting the colors for your website. Not everyone would like to read websites with bright colors. It all depends on the type of audience you are catering to.

High Security

2017 has seen many hacking and ransomware issues which require being avoided this year. In 2018, we need to be cautious about these issues and improve security features on our website in order to make web pages safer to browse and download.

Dynamic Interaction

Placing an element on the web page which tells you about your visitors is highly used these days as it provides instant feedback of the website user. For example, you can ask your visitor to click on the ratings they want to give to your website and obtain instant feedback from them.

This feedback can be highly useful while analyzing your conversions and finding a room for improvement in future.

Future of Web Design Trends 2018: Expected Longevity

Design trends become popular for providing convenience and solve a problem users may be facing at present. How long these web design trends of 2018 are going to stay or not for a long time can be determined by the benefits they provide to the website users.

Now, when you know the latest web design trends for the upcoming year, you can very well update your website and achieve your business goals. But, not all latest web design trends may suit your type of business. Don’t just choose a web design trend because everyone else is doing it. Consider your buyers’ persona and business goals, before executing a new web design trend to your website.

Facebook Live Video Streaming: Spruce Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It has been almost a couple of years, Facebook launched live video streaming for its users. The question arising in your mind would be, is it used for business?

Then, we may say that yes, it is….

Retailers are using it for introducing new products and discounts, bloggers are using it for FAQs, companies are using it for educating clients and suppliers about their products, and the list is endless.

As per the statistics – Facebook Live Videos Are Watched 3x Longer Than Videos That Aren’t Live Anymore

Do you want to know how is Facebook live video streaming being used for the business purpose? Here you go….

Smart Ways to Use Facebook Live Video Streaming for your Business

Everyone knows that social media has unquestionable reach out of which modern businesses have gained a maximum advantage. Here, we would talk about some smart ways of using Facebook Live Video which can definitely benefit your business –

Hosting a Live Event

Posting updates on Facebook in the form of pictures or videos may not give a live experience and feel about your company, store or brand to your audience. A live video showing a company event you are hosting can help your customers to view the demonstration of your product or service on a real-time basis or have a glimpse over your workplace.

Organizing a Webinar

Using Facebook live, you can easily organize a webinar and educate your clients, suppliers, and anyone interested in your products or services. Through emojis, you can find out whether your audience is finding your webinar interesting or boring. If the webinar is too long, you can record the video and share it in future for gaining maximum likes and shares.

FAQs and How-To-Dos

If you are selling a complex product or service which requires a tutorial or answering to FAQs, you can provide detailed information through Facebook live video streaming. This can educate your potential customers and encourage conversions.

New Product Launch

Introducing a new product in the market? Nothing can be better than sharing the product launch through Facebook live video. The biggest benefit of this would be that your new product gets maximum exposure and at the same time, you get to know the perception of your audience through their comments and likes.

Live Customer Support

Multiple customers having a similar problem relating to a problem can be attended through Facebook live video and provided the assistance they are looking for instantaneously. This would help you in providing customer support to a large group at the same time and save your time and resources.

Attracting Candidates

Most of the candidates these days research a company before joining it. If they find a live video on Facebook introducing your teammates or showing your company culture, you may attract many people to come and work with you and strengthen your manpower.

Live Tutorials

Providing live tutorials relating to the products or services you provide and benefitting your audience is a sure-fire way to attract new customers. For example, a company into outsourcing IT services can post a Facebook Live Video providing information on how to maintain your own WordPress website and similar other tutorials to attract new clients.

Benefits of Using Facebook Live Video for Business

Still, if you doubt the effectiveness of Facebook Live Video Streaming for business, just go through below-mentioned benefits –

  • Through live video streaming, you can provide unique and new content to your audience.
  • Enables you to provide real-time information to your clients.
  • Live video is considered to be the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy. All you need is a smartphone to post a Facebook Live Video.
  • Creates excitement during product launch and if the live video found interesting, your audience keeps coming back to your Facebook page looking out for a product launch in future.
  • Easy and better way to connect with the audience directly.
  • Real-time engagement from the audience can be achieved.
  • Increases exposure and awareness.
  • Accelerates traffic to your Facebook Page.

Final Words….

Facebook Live Video Streaming can be quite beneficial for your business provided it has been performed with accuracy and precision. Just make sure, your live video doesn’t get messed up by unexpected and disastrous happenings like your mic stops working or you miss saying something in between. It would always be better to prepare yourself first before going live on Facebook or consult a professional before getting into this new endeavour.

Promote your live video stream in advance so that you can be sure that your target audience would be available to view your video and you are able to achieve expected business goals.

Landing Page Design

9 Secrets to Build A Winning and High Performing Landing Page Design

A Landing page is one of the most important keys to generate leads. Companies have experienced 55% boost in leads when they increased the number of landing pages.

A Landing page is supposed to perform a major task of converting your visitors to customers. The landing page which can attract the attention of the visitors and keep them engaged can convert better.

As per Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.

Each and every business has one simple but complex to achieve a goal and that is to convert as much as possible.

Here, we will discuss some sure-fire ways of keeping your audience engaged with your landing page so that you can ensure maximum conversion for your business.

Killing Headlines

Keep the headline of your landing page simple to understand and to the point. If the user coming on your landing page finds your headline irrelevant and confusing, they are likely to leave immediately.

To keep your prospects stay on your landing page for a longer period of time, ensure that the headline announces clearly about what you are offering.

Appealing Images

Various studies have proved that visual content can retain the visitors on websites for a longer period of time comparing to the textual content.

If the images on your landing page are attractive and providing the information the visitors are looking for then you can definitely gain success over designing a perfect landing page.

The below landing page example by West Coast University clearly depicts the importance of visual elements. The arrow on the top and left which are pointing to the form are likely to attract the attention of prospects towards the form and call-to-action both.

Attractive Image Example for Landing Image

Attractive Image Example for Landing Image

Captivating Content

The content on your landing page should be informative and interesting enough to retain your audience for a long time. Even a very long content can make users lose interest and less content may not provide sufficient information.

Also, you need to use readable fonts otherwise your message may not reach to your audience and all your efforts can go in vain.

Create Urgency

Adding few words like “Register Now” or “Limited Time Offer” can create urgency and tempt your visitors to get converted to customers immediately.

This is a highly effective method to convert quickly which has been adopted by many businesses worldwide.

Money Back Guarantee

For the first time visitors, it is very important to build trust in their minds. Offering the money back guarantee to the visitors is a great way to win their trust.

If your prospects will not trust you, they are definitely not going to buy. By providing them money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with your product or service may build the trust for your brand and you may be successful in converting better.

Uncluttered Layout

For an effective landing page design, you need to ensure that the layout is uncluttered.

Imagine, getting into a store which is cluttered and you are not able to find what you are looking for? In this situation, obviously, you will try to get out of the store as soon as possible.

Same is the situation with a landing page. Keep it simple and uncluttered so that visitors can easily focus on important elements of the landing page.

Maintain Simplicity in Form

Most of the landing pages include a form which is essential as it helps in acquiring the information of your prospects.

You need to ensure that your form is as simple as possible and includes minimum fields. The users are not interested in spending more time in filling up the forms. Having extra fields in the form not required may increase the bounce rate of your landing page.

Highly Effective Call To Action

Call to action is the must requirement for the landing pages. A highly effective call-to-action can only convert the visitors to customers.

The color of CTA should be eye-catching to attract the visitors. Moreover, the content you have included in CTA is required to mesmerizing enough to tempt users to click and grab the offer.

Social Networking Links

You can also add your social networking links to your landing page to enrich the trust of visitors towards your brand.

Your social networking pages can showcase the testimonials about your products and services, your achievements and the how much your customers trust you.

People are likely to buy from brands which they trust and so adding social media links can be like adding a feather to your cap.

Landing Page Design That Sells

A poorly designed landing page can result in loosing customers even before they read the details about the services or products you are offering.

So, just ensure that your business landing page includes all the elements mentioned above so that you can keep on growing your business consistently.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

8 Steps to Launch a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

There are around 2.80 billion active social media users globally!!!

Facebook generated around $9 million revenue in Q2 2017!!!

70% of the U.S. population has at least one social networking profile!!!

I think these facts should be more than enough to include social media in your digital marketing strategy.

But, not all social media marketers achieve success in their social media marketing campaigns. Here, we will review the 8 steps which can be a sure fire way to make your social media campaign a successful endeavor.

Analyze and Review the Insights

There are various tools which can analyze how your target audience reacts to the content posted by you on social media platforms. You get answers to various questions like –

When should you post the content?

Which social media platform gets you maximum visits?

What type of content your target audience is looking for?

And much more…..

Get answers to these questions through different tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Instagram Analytics Tools, etc., and post the the right content at right place at right time.

Understanding Target Audience

To make your social media marketing successful, you need to understand your target audience first. Post fresh and updated content your target audience is looking for. The motive of your content should not only to sell products but it should be knowledgeable and entertaining enough to engage your target audience.

Plan a social media strategy which has crisp content with an appropriate call to action helping you to attract maximum visitors to your website.C

Focus on the Right Social Media Platform

You cannot leave any stone unturned, so need to market on maximum social media platforms but focusing more on the platform which gets you maximum views and traffic would be a wise decision.

If you are trying to sell accounting services, then you can focus more on Linkedin, whereas if you want to sell fashion accessories for girls, you need to focus on Instagram.

Do your research well and get to know which social media platform would be just right for your business having your target audience as active users.

Create Unforgettable Content

Create content which your target audience can relate to. People usually ignore and forget the content they do not find interesting. Add attractive elements to your content like photos, videos, infographics, etc., to your content and make it easy to read and grasp for your target audience.

Establish your brand recognition through the content you post on social media platforms. Also, analyze the content posted by your competitors and get to know what exactly can engage your audience to create effective content yielding results.

Concentrate on your Objectives

Social media marketing can increase your brand awareness. Though, it is understood that the primary goal of any business is to generate revenue which is quite challenging through social media alone. But, of course, social media plays a major role in improving traffic to your business website which ultimately leads you towards higher profits and revenue generation.

Just concentrate on your objectives of maximizing brand awareness, audience engagement, improving traffic through social media and you would automatically achieve your revenue generation goals.

Provide Excellent Visitor Experience

Whether your motive is to attract visitors to your Facebook page or website, ensure that you have a professional design with effective content on those pages in order to provide excellent visitor experience.

If the look and feel of your social networking profile and website is not good, all your social media marketing efforts can be a waste. Driving traffic and then not giving them a pleasant experience, can prove to be an expensive affair for your business.

Moreover, most of the social media users use mobile devices for social networking. Ensure that your website should be responsive in order to provide excellent browsing experience to your visitors.

Include Influencer Marketing

The rise of social media influencer marketing has opened the world of new possibilities these days.

People are likely to purchase a product if it is recommended by a renowned personality or group of people. Try to get maximum reviews about your products or services posted on your social media pages and get the most out of your social media marketing campaign.

Rely on Social Media Marketing Agency

Many times it is not possible to perform social media marketing tasks well in-house as it may not be your forte.

Hiring a qualified social media marketing agency would be a smart option as they are very well aware of the latest trends and tools required to make your campaign successful.

Just ensure that the social media marketing agency you hire very well understands your brand, type of products or services you offer and your target audience.

Social Media Marketing: Adapting New Trends

Last but not the least, social media marketing is all about staying updated with new trends and executing them in the most effective manner quickly.

Your social media marketing strategy can never be final. You need to keep on analyzing, identifying and researching to introduce new changes to launch a successful social media marketing campaign.

SEO Trends 2018

Top 6 SEO Trends 2018 – The Future of Search Engine Optimization

SEO trends keep on evolving on a regular basis. The search engine optimization strategy working a year back may not work today and the one working today may not be work after 6 months. So, the digital marketers always need to be on their toes when it comes to analysing upcoming SEO trends and executing them before their competitors do that.

Not only search engine algorithm changes but the way people search also keeps on changing. For example – People have started using voice search to get quick results.

In that case, if you don’t upgrade your SEO strategy, you might find your business website not ranking in top 10 results or maybe getting penalized by Google for using old traditional spammed ways to gain ranking.

But, the question may be arising in your mind that what techniques should be used to make the website ready as per SEO trends for 2018.

Here we have listed out top 6 SEO trends for 2018, which if implemented correctly can help you in gaining accelerated search engine ranking in this era of cutting-edge competition –

Increased Use of Voice Search

As mentioned earlier, the way people search is changing. You can now speak out your search queries. Whether you are looking out for a food joint or want to know the current weather, all you need is to speak out what you are looking for.

It has become extremely convenient to use voice search these days as you can speak quicker than you type. Also, while driving or traveling somewhere, it becomes easy to perform a voice search.

Use below mentioned ways to answer voice search correctly –

  • Include long-tail keywords in your website content.
  • Use words like best, nearest, etc., as suffixes in your content
  • Add FAQs to your website and include questions usually asked by people and answers to those questions in your content.
  • Ensure that your website is responsive.

Getting Listed in Quick Answers

You might have noticed that Google highlights small snippets of the information above the organic search results. The users don’t have to click on the link to access the information. Google extracts a piece of information from your website displays it as a featured text.

To rank, your website in this prime section of SERPs, on-page and off-page content optimization should be done in an effective manner. Ensure that your website includes high-quality incoming links and is mobile friendly.

Local Search Gaining Importance

In past 12 months, the searches that include the phrase “near me” has almost doubled. With the accelerated use of mobile for searching places and other queries, the local search has gained ultimate importance.

The statistics show that – in the past year, the number of local based food and beverage mobile searches have increased by 40%.

Thus, you need to optimize your website for mobile search and include keywords pertaining to local search in your web content.

Search Engines Emphasizes on In-Depth and Engaging Content

The content pages which are longer and have included interactive content like images, GIFs, Videos, etc., are gaining high ranking these days. The reason behind that is – users like content which provides in-depth information and is attractive at the same time.

How would you feel, if an article comes across your way which is full of text and no images at all? Of course, you will get bored by reading that content. The content with images and videos gives a pleasant experience to the readers and increases the interest within them to read other blog posts on that same website.

So, just ensure that your blog posts are interesting with attractive elements which can keep your audience engaged to gain higher ranking in SERPs.

Branding Becomes Extremely Important

Executing a successful branding strategy has become an important tactic to be included in your SEO strategy of 2018. When a brand becomes recognized by people, they are likely to purchase their products and services.
Effective social media optimization can help you in strengthening your brand awareness, ultimately helping you to gain high ranking in SERPs as and when your brand name is searched for.

For more details on branding, you can go through these 5 Essential Steps to Create a Successful Branding Strategy and gain the advantage over your competitors.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a framework which helps websites to load faster on mobile devices.

39% of people use their Smartphones to search every day. So, obviously, your potential customers are going to browse your website on their mobile devices and if it takes time in loading, you may, unfortunately, lose valuable customers.

Just implement AMP to your website, as that will not only help you in gaining ranking on search engines but also retain your customers on a long-term basis.

Embracing Latest SEO Trends 2018

2017 is just about to end and if you want to succeed in gaining search engine ranking in 2018 and beyond, say goodbye to traditional SEO trends which are not going to help you anymore.

Few facts revealed that 18% of web pages that rank #1 in SERPs doesn’t include keywords anywhere in the body text.

So, no more stuffing your web page with keywords is required. Just ensure that your website is mobile friendly and has in-depth content appealing to users. Just think beyond traditional SEO techniques and embrace latest SEO trends 2018.

Responsive Website Design 

5 Undoubted SEO Benefits of Having a Responsive Website Design 

In this 21st century, it is important to walk hand in hand with the progressive technology. People are moving towards a mobile-first index. Consumers prefer to stay updated with the surrounding while being on the move. And, smartphones and tablets greatly help them do so.

Responsive Website Design and SEO go hand in hand. So, in this digital era having mobile responsive websites is no longer an innovation; it is a necessity. It has become an important part of a brand’s SEO strategy.

Say Hello to Responsive Website Design

In the last one year, people are shifting towards mobile at a very fast pace. Mobile phones have become the first choice of everybody. Why is this happening? Most of the people surf the internet while being on the move as it saves their time along with keeping them updated.
So, if you are still not convinced about having a mobile-friendly website, here are some solid reasons that would make you do so.

Link building-now even better

Unlike a mobile or desktop version of a website, a responsive website has a single URL for each page. This means any link to your main site is also a link to your mobile site.

Faster Speed of the Loading Page

Google favors fast loading pages in the search results.

That is a solid reason for you to consider mobile Responsive Website Design. A website that loads quickly would automatically rank on higher numbers in the search engine resulting in a better user experience.

Fewer chances of duplicate content

People who have a separate mobile site have a difficult time managing duplicate content issues. Most separate mobile websites don’t rank well in Google search result page. A mobile responsive website deals with duplicate content problems. Keeping a single URL regardless of the platform on which the content is being viewed suffices the needful.

Boosts Social Sharing

According to a study, social media can help SEO.
Social sharing helps you in audience engagement. A bigger audience means more traffic. And this will definitely be noticed by Google. Mobile responsive websites make social sharing easy for the mobile users.

Reduces Bounce Rate

According to Google, the average speed of a mobile page to load is 7 seconds. Google recommends the page to load in a second or less.
A Responsive Website Design reduces the load time of the page significantly as it doesn’t require to redirect users to a different URL.

Wrapping Up
Responsive Website Design has become a necessity in this digital age. Pre-plan your Responsive Website Design keeping in mind the mobile users. All of this is going to help your SEO strategy. Who are you going to reach will be foundational to your responsive web design efforts and would result in a more effective SEO strategy for your website.

17 Popular WordPress Plugins for Content Creation

17 Popular WordPress Plugins for Content Creation

Having a strong content marketing strategy is very important to maintain contents for your website, all through the year, fresh and firm! Long posts create higher traffic hence WordPress recommends lengthy and quality content for great results. Wouldn’t it be good to ride along a few top most WordPress plugins for powerful content creations? Keep in mind it’s much more than just writing!

  • Editorial calendar: The plugin lets you choose when you want the content to be published and displays it in the overview. You may drag to move, edit text and manage authors right on the calendar
  • Edit flow: WordPress editorial group communicates with you featuring calendars month on month, displaying your content, notifying you on updates and providing you a private thread for admin discussions. It even allows one to create user groups, a feature aimed at large organisations where the publishing teams may be quite big involving a lot of people. Editing, retaining and deleting the default user groups is possible.
  • Curation Suite: Content curation is picking up a variety of content from multiple sources and presenting it in an organised manner for a better reach. Curation Suite provides one with immense capabilities for the same; publish and curate in the dashboard, search and add content from one-click curation, edit using visual editor and more.
  • WP RSS Aggregator: RSS feeds are frequently published information on news, blog entries, media and so. RSS feeds help publishers to release data automatically to viewers. WP RSS Aggregator allows you to release multiple RSS feeds from various sources, with the use of its shortcodes. It’s the best RSS feed solution with features: Set names for feeds, no limit to the number of feeds one can import, control feed item storage in databases, set feed import interval, customize output as needed, integrate with YouTube and daily motion site directly, extendable and many more.
  • Listly: The plugin lets you post in lists and share these more often than you do others. List posts are those that show content in bulleted lists, as in, top ten eCommerce platforms, 10 WordPress plugins for contents and so. The plugin is possible to be integrated with other sites, editable, responsive, has multiple layouts, social, enables adding voting buttons, enables selective sharing from a single list, enables the whole list sharing and suooorts a great SEO!
  • YouTube plugin: The plugin lets you create responsive media content, make playlists, create galleries, auto play enabled lists, have an improved Ajax support, easy insert of visual and text modes, auto play for videos, embed channels, localisation and many more.
  • ImageInject: ImageInject lets you search among 1000s of free images based on any keyword, choose and insert into your blog post. One can customise the way this insertion is done. Flickr, Pixabay and many more image sources are supported. Focus keywords can be inserted in WordPress SEO by Yoast for image search optimization
  • Opinion Stage: This plugin lets you set up polls, surveys, drive traffic from forums online and in media, gather details of people participating in polls, and generate revenue by embedding ads in polls. You can check more here.
  • Infogram: This lets one easily create data visualisations and embed them for sharing in any publication. One can access directly from WordPress visual editor authenticating into own library, supports integration of public images with infogram using the URL, and allows multiple users post to WordPress using the shortcode.
  • Zedity: This plugin lets you add multimedia content in the easiest way with no technical jargon skill required. Its features include 100% visual content creation, easy generation of HTML5 and CSS, and more flexibility than WordPress visual editor. You can do all by yourself!
  • My Curator: My Curator lets you customise RSS, twitter, google alert and all media sources you are interested in. Simply speaking it’s a way of using WordPress to display content to you based on your preferences set up, as in your keywords, your sources, in your native language. You can curate content for your convenient review. Check more here.
  • Search Everything: This plugin enhances the default WordPress search enabling you to configure WordPress for search pages, attachments, comments, custom fields and more. You can choose to exclude posts and categories from search. Activate, configure and search are the three simple steps to use WordPress search!
  • Widget Content Blocks: WYSWYG lets you manage widget blocks having the default WordPress edits enabled and having to write no HTML. It helps you insert media, add headings, lists, shortcodes, WP links and more.
  • Tiny MCE Advanced: This plugin helps you effectively manage the buttons on the toolbar. It encompasses 15 other related plugins and automatically provides common services like paragraph tab in editor, importing CSS from dot CSS and so.
  • Ether Content Builder: This plugin has a great UI and helps anyone with no coding knowledge to build content pages in no time. It comes with a creative visual composer and set up for regular WordPress updates
  • Envira Gallery: It’s the top most responsive gallery plugin from WordPress. It lets you create galleries in a few clicks, lets you share in media, integrate with Pinterest, build for smart devices and desktops in one shot, image proofing, woocommerce integration, album creation for photos and more.
  • Aesop Story Engine: It’s a plugin for storytellers in WordPress. You can build storytelling themes using the multimedia components done on the fly when you build posts in WordPress. You can use its audio feature for showcasing interviews, video feature for showing videos, content feature to streamline content into any structure as you want (say into multiple columns like in magazines), character feature to remind viewers on key characters of stories, map, parallax and many more.

Well, that’s a huge content on WordPress content creation plugins we believe. Not all plugins are for everyone’s suitability; choose what you believe as the best for your needs. Should you require any assistance, ask us now.

Email Marketing

15 Effective tips for email marketing

As business entrepreneurs, how can you reach out to clients in such a way they are instigated to open the emails you send? How should your email convey “Hey open me now” or “I think you shouldn’t miss to click me”? What are those tips for an effective online marketing? How create an impressive email marketing plan?

To understand more, let’s be clear on the types of mails you send.

  • Marketing emails are those sent with a promotional content, say new product announcement or sales promotions or newsletters or press meet follow ups or so
  • Transaction emails are those automated mails sent post customer transactions, say order details, tracking of orders, confirmation on pay received, account confirmation or so. Never underestimate the power of these; these have known to see a very high open rate thus giving you a chance to do cross selling or programs for greater customer engagement!
  • Operational emails are those sent on operation side of your business that your customers or clients would like to know, say a communication on maintenance activities or downtime message or so. These are important in terms of,

      •   winning people trust on your behavioural values,
      •   to show you value them,
      •   to let them know you’re unavailable so they don’t waste their time looking for you
      •   and a few similar reasons to show them the value you’re of.

For all or any of the above, there are a few common good practices for an effective email marketing as below.

  • Having the subscription lists is important. Email ids of clients, customers and all prospects should go into this list. Customer service support tools for businesses like Groove help you build subscription lists and more. Not just having a list would do but make sure to include this in your communications, blogs, social media posts and in all messages you send so people know where to subscribe.
  • Make sure your emails are not just information givers but a forum in which customer can engage in conversations with your business. Ensure to follow the below 3 basics,

      •   A great subject line triggering interests in the receivers to open the mail.
      •   A humble yet powerful tone or voice of the mail so you get the reader hooked onto the mail and business eventually
      •   Smart content based on geography, metrics data or so which would really bring in the reader to buy from you or respond to the offer or reply for further business proceedings!
      •   It’s good to avoid including “no reply email ids” in the reply mails readers send. Make sure to include an active email id in the reply mails so you really check and respond; this makes way for people to engage in further communications thus paving way for taking them through the sales funnel!

  • You cannot engage the readers when you have a great subject line but an irrelevant or an uninteresting content. Subject line and content should complement each other. Subject line should invite the reader into your mail and content should get the reader to respond to your deals!
  • Making the mails personal creates a great impression, on you, in the receiver. The receiver is always happy to see him or her being addressed by his name and the right salutation.
  • Ensure your mails aren’t going to spam as this definitely puts all your effort in trash!

      •   Can-Spam act regulations cannot be ignored when you make the email design.
      •   Spam filters look for certain features in a mail before they push such mails into spam; make sure to check on these spam filter details.
      •   Never use all upper case, too many exclamations, too many statements looking to push people into something, and poor HTML in templates.

  • Crisp content and neat aesthetics is necessary to give a great feel to the reader. Have short paragraphs, bullet and numbering whenever applicable, images and videos where necessary but not overdo. Campaign Monitor helps businesses to build and deliver email campaigns effectively; you may take a look. Ensure the images to be action-able.
  • Making the main text bold gets you those readers who just skim mails
  • Marking items as new attracts people so mark so when there’s something new
  • The crux of email campaigns is generating traffic. Isn’t it? So it’s a must to display clear Call To Act buttons or links. Not simple CTAs work today but you got to be creative, simple and powerful too.
  • If you wish to win customer trust then you must be flexible. Not just subscribe but provision to unsubscribe is even more important to show you aren’t pushing anyone into anything. No way to unsubscribe pushes senders into spam!
  • More than 60% of the mails are opened in smart devices today. Ensure your mails are mobile and tablet friendly. We see quite a lot of websites not user friendly, not looking good on our mobiles and we refrain from hitting them thereafter. Don’t we?
  • Something that’s untested can never be trusted. Make sure to test your mails in all major mobile devices and in all email providers, to avoid any worries later. There are a few tools which help you achieve this; check Litmus here.
  • For testing purposes, send mails at different times of a day and in different days of a week, to check on the best response rate
  • Use tracking tools to get the figures on open rates, click rates, bounced rates, unsubscribe numbers and more you may need. Custom campaign tracking in google analytics show details on emails driving traffic to your site and the user behaviour thereafter.
  • Don’t simply dump emails but provide real values. Not always promotional, you may even send educational information or contemporary business news or so to establish a general good relationship with people.

Every store is different in types of products and services it provides and the people it targets. But we’re sure the etiquettes remain the same for communication and support. We believe this article has given you a fair idea on making the best of email communications for an effective online marketing. Ask us now if you require further assistance in the same or anything in and around eCommerce; our experts are sure to help.

7 Fair Reasons to choose Magento

7 Fair Reasons to choose Magento

Developers and merchants have been attracted a lot to Magento ever since its birth in ecommerce for online stores. Modularity is one that entices the developers and the huge number of features brings the merchants close to the platform. Efforts have been taken to list down the top reasons to choose magento among the lots or to mention those features of magento that makes it the best ecommerce platform or the best among the ecommerce portals; Continue to read to know on them,

  1. Freedom in host selection: Magento is very well-known for the freedom it provides to choose the hosting service, to connect the 3rd party systems like payment gateway, cart, shipping, tracking and so, and to experience the best of the estore across the top devices in the market. Magento being modular is the most attractive feature requiring a mention here!
  2. Scalability & SEO friendliness: An estore of any size can be easily created with Magento; expansion is easy too. Enterprise edition with PCT security seal ensures absolute security of data. SEO friendly features and HTML5 capabilities making Magento smart phone friendly are definitely a great gift to the businesses today!
  3. Fast: Fast page loads, page caching along with the other basic features is something every basic estore is meant to have. Magento does it quite effortlessly; caching using Varnish, extremely fast data retrieval from huge databases, query processing & page loading in no time well enough to impress today’s internet tycoons!
  4. Single backend being good enough to run multiple stores & various design modules being able to be handled by a single admin makes Magento stand apart! This is a blessing for businesses that operate in multiple fields of ecommerce.
  5. Revenue uplift: Frequent marketing acts, events of sales, optimisation of site made possible easily with Magento by its exclusive features & scalability is known to provide an average revenue uplift of more than 15%!
  6. Architecture: Open architecture enabling even differentiated customer experiences at the best and making possible back end flow customization based on business needs is a boon to developers. This makes Magento the best of all available CMS!
  7. Open source: The best part of all is Magento being an open source platform totally free to install and use. Adding features or functionalities or add-ons by way of extensions from magentoConnect is easy. Its open source nature making developers to connect on a frequent basis ensures an up-to-date fresh platform for use always!

To make the best use of all the above & more goodness of Magento, an expert knowledge in web designing is a must to get a fully custom website suiting all the needs of a business. Don’t worry if you have the need of such an expert; call us right now for the eCommerce Portal development services assured from our experienced personnel!